Загальний питання в англійській — вправи. General questions exercises

Сьогоднішні вправи присвячені відпрацюванню загального питання в англійській мові. На сайті Ви також можете попрактикуватися в побудові спеціальних питань і розділових запитань. Всі вправи мають відповіді для самоконтролю.

General questions exercises. Вправи на загальні питання.

Вправа 1. Ask general questions and give short answers to them. Pay attention to the tense form of the verb in the questions.


I don’t know your sister. (brother?)

Do you know my brother? – No, I don’t.

I have finished the text. (the exercise?)

Have you finished the exercise? – Yes, I have

  • Jane eats lunch at the canteen every day. (at school?)
  • I didn’t sleep well last night. (last week?)
  • I am studying my grammar book now. (learning the rules?)
  • The children weren’t watching TV last night. (doing their homework?)
  • It wasn’t cold yesterday. (the day before yesterday?)
  • He won’t be at home tonight. (tomorrow?)
  • She can’t play the piano. (the guitar?)
  • They have visited many places. (the picture gallery?)
  • He was given more time for the test. (you?)
  • English is spoken in Australia. (Canada?)
  • Вправа 2. Вкажіть загальний запитання і дайте коротку відповідь

  • Ted’s advice wasn’t clever.
  • They had to go to school on Saturday.
  • He won’t be able to speak in Italian two months.
  • They are not going to meet him.
  • She mustn’t take these pills.
  • She won’t have to write the exercise again.
  • He couldn’t swim last summer.
  • She has to wear a uniform.
  • She will be able to make sandwiches tomorrow.
  • Вправа 3. Give short answers to these general questions.

  • Did you go to the country last summer?
  • Did you go for a picnic last Sunday?
  • Can you see the sun now?
  • Can you see the stars now?
  • Does your pet sleep at night?
  • Do you like watching the clouds?
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    Вправа 4. Змініть пропозиції так. Щоб вони стали питальними. Make general questions.

  • The rabbit is hopping now.
  • Children are swimming now.
  • I am reading a book now.
  • Dave is riding his bike now.
  • We are planting some seeds now.
  • She is giving me a rubber now.
  • Відповіді до вправ на загальний питання.

    Ехегсіѕе 1.

  • Does Jane eat her lunch at school? – No, she doesn’t.
  • Did you sleep well last week? – Yes, I did.
  • Are you learning the rules now? – No, i’m not.
  • Were the children doing their homework last night? – Yes, they were.
  • Was it cold the day before yesterday? – Yes, it was.
  • Will he be at home tomorrow? – Yes, he will.
  • She Can play the guitar? – No, she can’t.
  • Have they visited the picture gallery? – Yes, they have.
  • Were you given more time for the test? – No, I wasn’t.
  • Is spoken English in Canada? – Yes, it is.
  • Ехегсіѕе 2.

  • Was ted’s advice clever? – No, it wasn’t.
  • Did they have to go to school on Saturday? – Yes, they did.
  • Will he be able to speak in Italian two months? – No, he won’t.
  • Are they going to meet him? – No, they aren’t.
  • She Must take these pills? – No, she mustn’t.
  • She Will have to write the exercise again? – No, she won’t.
  • Could he swim last summer? – No, he couldn’t.
  • Does she have to wear a uniform? – Yes, she does.
  • She Will be able to make sandwiches tomorrow? – Yes, she will.
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    Ехегсіѕе 3.

    Possible answers.

  • Yes, I did.
  • No, I didn’t.
  • No, I can’t.
  • Yes, I can.
  • Yes, it does.
  • Yes, I do.
  • Ехегсіѕе 4.

  • Is the rabbit hopping now?
  • Children Are swimming now?
  • Are you reading a book now?
  • Dave Is riding his bike now?
  • Are we planting some seeds now?
  • Is she giving me a rubber now?
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