Вправи по темі «прийменники в англійській мові»

Вживання прийменників в англійській мові – не найпростіша тема, адже багато випадки вживання прийменників потрібно заучувати і довго і наполегливо відпрацьовувати у вправах. У даній статті ви знайдете кілька вправ на прийменники в англійській мові. На сайті також є кілька збірок вправ за певними випадками вживання прийменників:

  • Вправи на прийменники місця
  • Вправи на прийменники часу

Вправи на прийменники англійської мови.

Вправа 1. Вставте прийменники on, in, at (прийменники часу)

  1. Where were you ______ September 22nd?
  2. Mike is taking his driving test ______five o’clock.
  3. Liz is coming ______three days.
  4. She rests ______weekends but works hard from Monday till Friday.
  5. Good bye! See you ______Monday.
  6. It’s nice to be here ______such a lovely day.
  7. My father is a doctor. He often comes home late ______night.
  8. My brother got married ______May.
  9. She came London ______the end of August______1972.
  10. The leaves on the trees turn brown ______Autumn.
  11. The English examination is ______July.
  12. The banks close______ 5 pm.

Вправа 2. Вставте прийменники on, in, at (прийменники часу)

  1. I have my gym class _______ Wednesdays.
  2. I started work this morning _______ 8 ранку.
  3. Are you going away______ Easter?
  4. Moira’s birthday is ______September, 24.
  5. We’re flying to Beijing _____ June 2nd.
  6. Please visit me ______ Sunday.
  7. My flight is_______ Monday.
  8. Mary went on holiday ______ Monday.

Вправа 3. Вставте прийменники on, in, at (прийменники місця)

  1. She waited for him ______the bus stop ______the end of Green Street.
  2. This is the best cake ______the world!
  3. My friend spent his holiday ______a small village ______the mountains.
  4. There are a few shops ______the end of the street.
  5. Let’s meet ______the entrance to the Supermarket.
  6. Petersburg is ______the Neva River.
  7. Jane lives ______a two-room flat ______ the third floor.
  8. Gerhard has some nice pictures hanging ______his office wall.
  9. There’s somebody______ the door.
  10. There’s somebody waiting ______the bus stop.
  11. Wolfgang met Michaela______ the way to work.
  12. His office is _____the top of the stairs.
  13. There are lots of managers_______ my company

Вправа 4. Вставте прийменники by, out of, on, of

  1. Turn left when you come______ the wood.
  2. He got_____ the bus at the wrong bus-stop.
  3. Sorry, I did it _____mistake.
  4. His son was a little boy_____ five.
  5. Have you read any books _____Jack London?
  6. Jane always goes to school _____bus.
  7. This is a photo _____my grandparents.
  8. Nick took the keys _____the bag.
  9. He says he has never seen any paintings _____ Andy Warhol.

Вправа 5. Вставте прийменники of, for, about, with (стійкі сполучення)

  1. It’s not easy to get rid ______bad habits.
  2. This town is famous ______its hand-woven carpets.
  3. He seems not to be afraid ______anything.
  4. We’ve run out ______milk.
  5. The film was not popular ______the public.
  6. He is not ashamed ______what he did. In fact, he seems to be proud ______it.
  7. The bus was crowded ______people.
  8. He has never complained _________ bad service in our hotel.

Вправа 6. Прийменники at, on, to, of, about (стійкі сполучення)

Які прийменники утворюють стійкі поєднання з даними дієсловами, заповніть таблицю. Зверніть увагу, деякі дієслова можуть вживатися з декількома приводами в залежності від значення











to consist, rude to be, to belong, to smile, to talk to depend, to get rid, to remind, to be fond, to look, to be sorry, to listen, to concentrate, to laugh, to rely, to complain, to be afraid, to be keen, to be good

Вправа 7. Вставте прийменники by, on, in, out of, off (прийменники з транспортними засобами)

  1. I decided not to go_____ car.
  2. Two men with guns got ______ the car and went into the shop.
  3. It takes him about half an hour to get there______ bike and about twenty minutes______ bus.
  4. They go to New York______ plane.
  5. When your bus arrives you get______ it. If you want to leave it, you get______ it.
  6. I like walking______ the train.
  7. They decided to go to Bristol______ sea.
  8. It’s not far. We can go there______ foot.
  9. Don’t wait outside. When a taxi stops for you i’ll tell you and you’ll get______ it.

Вправа 8. Вставте прийменники to, by, over, into

  1. When we came the play was
  2. He went ______ school.
  3. The book was brought ______ the girl.
  4. The pencil belongs ______ me.
  5. The document was signed ______ the director.
  6. The ball fell ______ the water.
  7. He quickly climbed ______ the fence.
  8. The sunny weather will be all ______ the country.
  9. She went ______ the river.
  10. The pupils came ______ the classroom.

Exercise 1.

1 on, at 2, 3 in, 4 at, on 5, 6 on, at 7, 8 in, at 9 / in, 10 in, 11 in, at 12

Exercise 2.

1 on, at 2, 3 at, on 4, 5 on, on 6, 7 on, 8 on

Exercise 3.

1 at / at, 2 in, 3 in /in, at 4, 5 at, on 6, 7 in / on, 8 on, at 9, 10 at, on 11,12 at, in 13

Exercise 4.

1 out of, 2 off, 3 by, 4 of, 5 by, 6 by, 7 of, 8 out of, by 9

Exercise 5.

1 of, 2 for, 3 of, 4 of, 5 with, 6 of / of, 7 with, 8 about

Exercise 6.






to smile

to look

to laugh

to be good

to depend

to concentrate

to rely

to be keen

to be rude

to belong

to talk

to listen

to be good

to consist

to get rid

to remind

to be fond

to be afraid

to remind

to be sorry

to complain

Exercise 7.

1 by, 2 out of, 3 by / by, 4 by, 5 on / off, on 6, 7 by, 8 on, in 9

Exercise 8.

1 over, 2 to 3 by, 4 to, 5 by, 6 into, 7 over, 8 over, 9 to, into 10

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