Вправи Past Simple та Past Continuous з відповідями

Сьогоднішній матеріал присвячено відпрацюванню двох минулих часів – Past Simple та Past Continuous.

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  • Past Simple
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Past Simple vs. Past Continuous Exercises.

Вправа 1. Choose the correct verb form (Past Simple or Past Continuous) to complete the sentences.

  • The film was rubbish, so we left / were leaving the cinema and went / were going to the cybercaf?.
  • I didn’t like / wasn’t liking the program we watched / were watching, so I turned / was turning off the TV.
  • Dave rang / was ringing me while I did / was doing my homework.
  • As I fell / was falling asleep, I heard/was hearing a strange noise.
  • I dropped / was dropping my keys while I ran / was running for the bus.
  • The competition judges didn’t know / weren’t knowing whose food they tasted / were tasting.
  • Вправа 2. Complete the email with the Past Simple or Past Continuous of these verbs. You will need to use some verbs more than once.

    Decide / get / give / go / happen / not hurt / play / try / want

    Last weekend Ben and I visited that new leisure center that everyone is talking about. We 1) ___________ to the ice-skating rink first. Ben slipped a few times while he 2) ___________ to do acrobatic tricks, but he luckily 3) ___________ himself. After that, we went to the main hall to see what 4) __________ there. On one side of the hall a rock band 5) __________ while on the other side some skateboarders 6) ____________ a display. The Skateboarders were fantastic so we 7) ___________ to stay and watch them.

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    After the exhibition, we both 8) __________ to go to the shops inside the center. But it was nearly rush hour and the shops 9) ___________ really crowded so we 10) ____________ to the multiplex cinema to see The Illusionist. What a fantastic film!

    Вправа 3. Match the beginnings (1-7) with the endings (a-g). Then complete the sentences with the past simple or past continuous of the verbs in brackets.

    1. He ___________ (climb) down the side of a building

    2. The sun _________ (shine) brightly

    3. The hot water tank _________ (explode)

    4. When we _________ (get) to the concert

    5. I _________ (not know) that my friends

    6. While you _________ (lie) on the beach

    7. Last year, Simon _________ (give up) painting

    a) while I __________ (have) a shower.

    b) the band ___________ (play) my favourite song.

    c) when suddenly the rope _________ (break).

    d) and __________ (take up) sculpture instead.

    e) ___________ (prepare) a surprise party for me.

    f) when I __________ (get up) this morning.

    g) we ___________ (study) for our exams!

    Вправа 4. Вставте Past Simple або Past Continuous

  • An amazing display of traditional-style canoes ____ last week in Portland (to open).
  • Last month, we ________ the most amazing opportunity to head down to Nashville (to have).
  • These ladies__________ an apartment when they ____ both _______ English in Jakarta, Indonesia (to share, to teach).
  • Last year we________ too tired even to make quality home design (to be).
  • While the tourists __________ at the beach, animators __________ coffee in the bar (to dance, to have).
  • Last time there ________ a snowfall in in November 2016 (to be).
  • A Qatari sheikh ________ more than ?1billion on his art collection last year (to spend).
  • The hot-blooded and furious Tybalt ________ a grudge against Romeo (to bear).
  • While we __________ to a dive site we __________ the advantages of Utila, the smallest and most unspoiled of the Bay Islands of Honduras (to boat, to discuss).
  • In the late 1600s, the British ________ all non-English ships from trading with colonies (to forbid).
  • We ________ busy building our new country house that year (to be).
  • Our friend’s dog __________ us as we__________ around the neighborhood (to follow, to walk).
  • The student __________ up the escalator while it __________ (to run, to move).
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    Відповіді до вправ.

    Exercise 1.

    1 — Left / went, 2 — didn’t like / were watching / turned, 3 – rang / was doing, 4 — was falling / heard, 5-dropped / was running, 6 — didn’t know / were tasting

    Exercise 2. 1.went 2.was trying 3.didn’t hurt 4.was happening 5.was playing 6.were giving 7.decided 8.wanted 9.were getting 10.went

    Exercise 3.

    1C — was climbing, broke

    2G — was shining, got up

    3A – exploded, was having

    4B – got, was/were playing

    5E – didn’t know, were preparing

    6G – were lying, were studying

    7D – gave up, took up

    Exercise 4.

    1 opened, 2 had, 3 were sharing / were teaching, 4 were, 5 were dancing / were having, 6 was, 7 spent, 8 bore, 9 were boating / were discussing, 10 forbade, 11 were, 12 was following /were walking, 13 were running / were moving

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