Вправи на всі типи умовних речень в англійській мові

На сайті Ви вже могли бачити вправи на перший, другий і третій тип умовних речень, а також познайомитися з Zero Conditionals. Настав час виконати вправи на всі ці типи умовних речень. Conditionals exercises даються з відповідями, тому Ви зможете перевірити рівень своїх знань з теми: Умовні речення. Вправи на Conditionals — прекрасний спосіб відпрацювати отримані знання. Деякі пропозиції, дійсно, складні – тому задавайте питання в коментарях.

Вправи на умовні речення в англійській. Conditionals exercises.

Вправа 1. Вкажіть правильний варіант відповіді. Underline the correct form to make conditional sentences.

  • If Rita opens /will open a boutique in the High Street, she ‘ ll make lots of money.
  • If the economy doesn’t improve, lots of businesses will close / would close down.
  • This burglar alarm is so sensitive: it goes off if a mouse runs / will run across the floor.
  • George may go to prison unless he won’t pay / pays his taxes.
  • The company was / would be more successful if it spent more money on advertising.
  • If the employees of a company are/were happy, harder they work.
  • We might sell our business if it makes / would make another loss this year.
  • It looks like Molly’ll be okay, unless something new will happen / happens.
  • Unless Shelly had read him wrong, Jack would find /would have found her unorthodox approach irresistible.
  • Mat would not trust/ didn’t trust that unless he had to.

    Вправа 2. Розкрийте дужки, вживаючи дієслова в вимагається формі умовного способу. Open the brackets to form conditionals. Mind mixed conditionals!

  • If Felix (to be) ___________ here I would have seen him.
  • Michael would not agree even if you (to ask) ____________ him.
  • If they (mention) __________ this yesterday, everything would have been done.
  • If I (to find) __________ that letter, i’ll show it to you.
  • If I meet him, I (to invite) __________ him.
  • They Would come if we (to invite) __________them?
  • The boss (be) __________ very disappointed if you aren’t at the meeting tomorrow.
  • The teacher said, “i’ll begin the lesson as soon as Jack _____________ (stop) talking.”
  • The old gentleman doesn’t go out in winter. He _____________ (go) out if the weather gets warmer.
  • She’s flying to Cairo tomorrow. She ‘ ll send her family a telegram providing she _____________ (arrive) with a delay.
  • If the plane had left on time they _____________ (be) in Minsk now.
  • If they hadn’t walked 40 km, they _____________ (not / be) exhausted now.
  • What would have become of us, if I _______ (come) then to you!’
  • He would have been scrupulous — if he (can) ________ !
  • What is the answer if you (add) _______ 17 to 75?
  • Вправа 3. Утворіть умовні речення, вживши потрібну форму дієслова. Make conditional sentences.

  • Molly (be) _______ a splendid woman, if only she didn’t talk so much!
  • The evening will be fine, if only we ________ (not have) a storm.
  • You might be of interest to me, if only I (have) _________time to waste on you.
  • If you (leave) __________ at two, you will be there before dark.
  • When he isdrowning, a man (clutch) ________ at any straw.
  • If only Greg (can) _______ get some favourable shock, that’s what would do it!
  • You (can) _________ do it if you try
  • You (can) _________ do it if you tried.
  • You (can) _________ it if you had tried.
  • We (go) __________ if it does not rain.
  • Fred (come) _________ if he has time.
  • If you (take) _______ a taxi, you’ll be in time.
  • If Mark (have) ________ enough money, he will go to the university.
  • They won’t unless you (ask) ______ them to come
  • What remains if you (subtract) ________ 5 from 10?
  • If you (buy) ________ a packet of cigarettes costing 3$ and matches costing 2$, and gave the shopkeeper 10$ note, how much change you ought to receive?
  • Вправа 4. Supply the correct verb forms in these conditional sentences. Decide, which type of conditionals are these sentences. Визначте, до якого типу умовних речень належать такі пропозиції. Розкрийте дужки.

  • If you (to heat) __________ iron, it (to start) ____________ to get red hot and then white hot.
  • If Molly and Paul (be) ________ misinformed about the train times they (not be) __________ late.
  • If Ioannis (stay) _______ longer at the party, he (have) ________ a good time
  • If the government (lose) __________ the next election, the Prime Minister (resign) ________ from politics.
  • If we (not go) ________ to your friend’s party, I never (meet) _________ Alan.
  • If train fares (be) _________ cheaper, more people (use) _________ them.
  • If Molly (get) _______ job that she ‘ s applied for, she will be delighted.
  • It (be) ______ a disaster if it the explosion had happened in the middle of the day.
  • If the talks (be broken) __________ down again, there (be) ______ a war between the two countries
  • If Ali (know) _______ anything about mechanics at that time, i’m sure she (help) _____ us.
  • He (have) ________ a bad accident last Friday if he _____________ (not / drive) more carefully.
  • Вправа 5. Перекладіть наступні умовні речення на англійську.

  • Джаггер пригрозив піти у відставку, якщо уряд зазнає поразки
  • Якщо б у компанії погодилися, ми могли б досягти швидкого прогресу.
  • Компанія поверне гроші, якщо ви передумаєте.
  • Виставка, можливо, закрилася б, якби вони не знайшли нових спонсорів.
  • Я б відмовився співпрацювати, якщо б я був у вашому положенні
  • Будь ласка, повідомте лікаря негайно, якщо вона покаже ознаки поліпшення.
  • Моллі і Саллі зрозуміли свою помилку, якби тільки залишилися до кінця.
  • Можете вважати, що ми згодні, якщо не отримаєте від нас новин до неділі.
  • Якщо ви вип’єте занадто багато кави, ви не зможете заснути.
  • Якби Джек привіз карту, ми б не заблукали.
  • Якби Джон знав про зустріч, то приїхав би
  • Якщо ви зіткнетеся з Павлом, скажіть йому, що я хочу його бачити.
  • Conditionals exercises. Англійські умовні вправи: відповіді.

    Exercise 1.

    1 opens, 2 will close, 3 runs, 4 pays, 5 would be, 6 are, 7 makes, 8 happens, 9 would find, 10 wouldn’t trust

    Exercise 2.

    1 had been, 2 asked, 3 had mentioned, 4 find, 5 will invite, 6 invited, 7 will be, 8 stops, 9 will go, 10 arrives, 11 would be, 12 wouldn’t be, 13 hadn’t come, 14 could, 15 add

    Exercise 3.

    1 would be, 2 don’t have, 3 had, 4 leave, 5 will clutch або clutches, 6 could, 7 can, 8 could, 9 could have done, 10 will go, 11 will come, take 12, 13 has, 14 ask, 15 substract, 16 bought

    Exercise 4.

    1 heat / will start або starts, 2 hadn’t been / wouldn’t have been, 3 had stayed / would have had, 4 loses / will resign, 5 hadn’t gone / would have never met, 6 were / would use, 7 gets, 8 would have been, 9 are broken / will be, 10 had known / would have helped, 11 would have had / hadn’t been driving

    Exercise 5.

  • Jagger has threatened to resign if the government is defeated.
  • If the companies agreed, we could make rapid progress.
  • The company will refund the money if you change your mind
  • The exhibition might have closed if they hadn’t found new sponsors.
  • I would refuse to co-operate if I were in your position
  • Please inform the doctor immediately if she shows signs of improvement.
  • Molly and sally would have realized their mistake if they had only stayed until the end.
  • You may assume we have agreed if you do not hear from us by Sunday
  • If you drink too much coffee, you won’t be able to sleep.
  • If Jack’d brought map, we wouldn’t have got lost.
  • If John had known about the meeting, he would have come
  • If you come across Paul, tell him I want to see him.
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