Вправи на відпрацювання Future Simple (Indefinite)

Сьогодні відпрацюємо вживання простого майбутнього часу – Future Simple. Насамперед пропоную вам згадати всі правила вживання Future Simple. Я пропоную Вам безліч різноманітних вправ, які допоможуть закріпити тему Future Simple.

Future Simple. Exercises.

Вправа 1. Write in l ll, we’ll, he’ll, she ‘ ll, they’ll, it’ll.

  • I’d like to see animals. I think _______ go to the zoo today.
  • Wendy likes dinosaurs. I think _______ go to the Natural History Museum.
  • We like dancing. I think _______ go to the disco.
  • My parents want to buy presents. I think_______ go to the gift shop. ‘
  • Jim likes walking. I think_______ go to the park.
  • Put on your scarf and hat. I think _______ be cold today.
  • I want to watch a cartoon. I think _______ go to the cinema tomorrow.
  • Mike is ill. I don’t think _______ go for a walk with him.

    Вправа. 2 Побудуйте речення про те, чим будуть займатися члени Вашої сім’ї в неділю. It will be Sunday tomorrow. Say what you and your family will do, making use of the following table.


    My Mummy

    My Dad

    My Granny

    My sister

    My brother







    go to the park

    walk out a dog

    read a book

    play games

    listen to music

    cook dinner


    Вправа 3. Поставте дієслова в дужках у формі Future Simple (Indefinite)

  • I think we_________ two return tickets. (to buy)
  • Kate ___________ ten tomorrow. (to be)
  • My aunt ___________ to Canada next summer. (to go)
  • I _____________ you in the evening. (to phone)
  • I’m sure our 3-day tour __________ more than 5000 roubles. (to cost)

    Вправа 4. Вставити ‘ll або won’t.

  • Lucy was born in 1995. In 2007 she ________ be 12.
  • It’s sunny today. It ________ rain.
  • Kelly is eleven today. She ___________ be twelve until next year.
  • Rob is nine. He __________ be ten on his next birthday.
  • This month is May. It________ be June next month.
  • Jenny: ‘Мама, the bus is late. I _______ be home until eight o’clock.
  • It’s 25 degrees today. It _________ snow tomorrow.
  • I sent the letter this afternoon. It __________ arrive until tomorrow.
  • Вправа 5. Read the sentences in A and decide what to do. Use I think i’ll… and the words in B. Прочитайте пропозиції в колонці A і знайдіть рішення в колонці B. Напишіть свої рішення починаючи з I think i’ll…



    1 it’s hot in this room.

    2 i’m hungry.

    3 My flat is in a mess.

    4 I haven’t got any stamps

    5 I want some new glasses.

    6 i’m cold.

    7 i’ve just missed my bus.

    8 there’s a good film on TV

    9 My watch is broken.

    go to the optician’s

    open a window

    buy a new one

    turn on the heating

    watch it

    take a taxi home

    get something to eat.

    go to the post office

    tidy it


  • I think i’ll open a window.

    Вправа 6. Зробіть пропозиції допомоги, використовуючи Future Simple.

    1 it’s hot in here.

    2 These boxes are heavy.

    3 windows are The dirty.

    4 I haven’t got any money.


    Вправа 7. Complete the sentences. Use ‘ll or won’t.

    Amy’s brother is thirteen. He____ be fourteen on his next birthday.

    I bought a lottery ticket, but I ____ win

    My dad is thirty-nine. He ____ be forty on his next birthday.

    My sister Mary is fifteen. She ____ be sixteen until next year.

    Читайте також:
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    My brother’s clever. He____ pass all his exams.

    It’s raining now. But it____ be sunny later.

    Debbie and Bob are always late. They____ arrive until eight o’clock.


    Вправа 8. Опишіть свої плани на день. Write about your plans for this afternoon.

    Begin like this:

    First i’ll have dinner. Then i’ll go for a walk. After that …


    Вправа 9.Напишіть в майбутньому часі.

    1. You can speak to him.

    __________________ to him.

    2. You can dance there.

    __________________ there

    3. We must stay here.

    __________________ here

    4. I can help you.

    __________________ you

    5. She must make sandwiches.

    __________________ sandwiches.

    6. She can read English books.

    __________________ English books.

    7. They can go to the party.

    __________________ to the party.

    8. They must invite their friends

    __________________ their friends.

    9. You can buy food there.

    __________________ food there.

    10. We can grow vegetables.

    __________________ vegetables.


    Вправа 10. Напишіть свої думки з приводу майбутнього ваших однокласників. Write predictions about your classmates’ future.


    I think Nick will be an engineer.


    Вправа 11. Що Ви будете робити на літніх канікулах. What will you do in the summer holidays? Use the words from the box.

    go to the theatre, go to the river, go to the zoo, collect pebbles, read books, read magazines, watch films, make friends, go sunbathing, write a diary

    I think i’ll ____________

    I don’t think i’ll ______________


    Вправа 12. Ви на острові, що Ви будете робити? You are on an island. What do you think you’ll do?

    1. Will you live in a cave or in a village?

    I think i’ll live in a cave.

    2. Will you sleep on the grass or in the tree?

    I think i’ll ________________ .

    3. Will you eat caterpillars or snakes?


    4. Will you go fishing or collect fruit?


    5. Will you wash in the sea or in the river?


    6. Will you ride a horse or an ostrich?


    7. Will you make friends with dolphins or with parrots?


    8. Will you drink milk or water?



    Вправа 13. Напишіть пропозиції допомоги. Write sentences offering help. Use the words in the box.

    answer it, help you, close the window, buy you a drink, get уои some fruit

    The phone is ringing. I’ll answer it.


  • It’s cold in here
  • I can’t do my Maths homework.
  • I’m really thirsty.
  • I’m hungry.

    Вправа 14. Do you think that in the future, you will:

    1 learn a new language?
    2 travel a lot?
    3 move to a different country?
    4 learn a musical instrument or a new musical instrument?
    5 be richer?

    Write sentences.

    I think i’ll _______________

    Perhaps i’ll __________________

    I don’t think i’ll __________________


    I think i’ll learn a new language. or Perhaps i’ll learn a new language. or I don’t think i’ll learn a new language.


    Вправа 15. Imagine that you will be very busy next week. Ѕау what will you do? Use Simple Future.


    go home

    — After the lessons i’ll go home

    • see
    • go to
    • buy
    • meet
    • read
    • visit
    • play
    • learn


    Вправа 16. Прочитайте текст, дайте відповідь на питання.

    My name is Tanya. I am a pupil. Tomorrow I will not go to school. It will be Sunday. Father and Mother will not be at home. They will go to see their friends.

    Читайте також:
    Лексична гра «Випадкове слово» — чудова мовна гра на розширення словникового запасу

    Answer the questions:

    1. Why won’t Tanya go to school tomorrow?

    2. Will her Mother Father and be at home?

    3. Where they will go?

    4. What will Tanya do when her parents go to see her friends?


    Вправа 17. Розкрийте дужки, використовуючи Future Indefinite.

    I ___________ (to be) at home. I ___________ (to invite) my friend Nina to come home. We_________ ( play). She __________ ( be) Big Grey Angry Wolf and I ________ ( be) Litlle Red Riding Hood. And who ________ (be) Granny, who lives in the forest. I think we __________ (invite) Kate to come and play with, us too.

    Вправа. Розкрийте дужки, використовуючи FutureProgressive.

    Tomorrow John __________ (to get up) at seven. Then he _________ (to go) to school. He __________ (to have) dinner at one. He ____________ (to come home) at three. Then he _____________ (to play in the yard. After that he ___________ (to do) his homework.


    Вправа 18. Прочитайте, перекладіть на російську, підкресліть дієслова у формі Future Simple.

    DAVID: What will we do tomorrow?

    SUSAN: we’ll go into space. We’ll see a space school.

    DAVID: we Will see computers there?

    SUSAN: Certainly we’ll do.

    DAVID: Will we play computer games?

    SUSAN: Yes, we will.

    DAVID: Do the pupils write and count at space schools?

    SUSAN: No, they don’t. The computer counts and types instead.

    DAVID: we Will come back tomorrow?

    SUSAN: No, we won’t.

    DAVID: we Will come back in two days?

    SUSAN: I hope we will.


    Вправа 19. Прочитайте текст. Розкрийте дужки, поставивши дієслова у формі Future Simple (Indefinite).

    I like to go to school. I have many good friends there. But I like Sundays more. Soon it ____ (1 be) Sunday, and all our family _____ (2 be ) at home. I _____ (3 get up) at 9 o’clock, and then I_____ (4 do) my morning exercises and have breakfast together with my parents. After breakfast I ____ (5 help) my mother in the kitchen and my father ____ (6 go) shopping. Then we (7 go) for a I walk in the park or to the cinema.

    After dinner my friends ____ (8 come) to me, and we ____ (9 play together at home or in the yard. In the evening my mother ____ (10 knit), my father ____ (11 watch) a concert on TV and I ____ (12 listen) to music or read a book. I know that I ____ (13 have) a lot of fun next Sunday.

    b) Знайдіть відповіді на наступні питання. Find the answers to the following questions in the text and read them aloud:

  • Will all the family be at home on Sunday?
  • When will the boy get up?
  • What will he do in the morning?
  • What will he do after breakfast?
  • Who will come after dinner?
  • What they will do at home or in the yard?
  • What they will do in the evening?
  • The boy will have a lot of fun next Sunday, won ” t he?
  • Освіта заперечення і питань у Future Simple /Indefinite. Вправи.

    Вправа 20. Запишіть речення в Future Simple (Indefinite).

    Читайте також:
    «Минилекс» Гуннемарка – що це таке?

    Example: She / travel by car / next summer

    + She will travel by next car summer.

    ? She Will travel by next car summer?

    — She won t travel by next car summer.

    I / buy a present / tomorrow

    + ________________________

    — ________________________

    ? ________________________

    We / go to the cinema / after classes

    + ________________________

    — ________________________

    ? ________________________


    Вправа 21. Задайте всілякі питання до пропозиції.

    Helga will read King tomorrow.


    Вправа 22. Complete the questions and short answers.

    (People travel) to other planets? +

    Will people travel to other planets?

    Yes, they will.

  • (France win) the next World Cup? X
  • (We pass) our exams next year? +
  • (Britney be) Number One next week? X
  • (I go) to university? +
  • (Angelina Jolie win) an Oscar next year? X
  • (You marry) an attractive, intelligent person? +

    Вправа 23. Яка буде життя через 100 років? Складіть запитання і дайте відповіді на них. What life will be like in 100 years from now? Complete the questions with and will give answers.

    1 children | go | to school in 100 years?

    2 people | watch | more TV than they do now?

    3 people | read | fewer books?

    4 people | live | longer?

    5 everyone | speak | the same language?

    6 the world’s climate | be | different?

    7 life I be I better?


    Children Will go to school in 100 years?

    Children will go to school in 100 years. або Children won’t go to school in 100 years.


    Вправа 24. Ask your partner if he will do the following thing, after the lessons. Give answers.


    Will you stay at school after the lessons?

    Yes, I think I will. I’ll go to the library.

    sleep in the afternoon, have lunch at home, listen to music, invite somebody home, do his (her) homework, play in the yard, help his (her) parents, go shopping, do nothing


    Вправа 25. Складіть питання і відповідайте на них негативно. Ask questions to the following sentences and answer them in the negative.

  • We will go to the zoo on Sunday.
  • They will go to the park next Sunday.
  • My father will go to the country next month.
  • My friend will come to see me on Sunday.
  • You will see an interesting film over TV next week.

    Вправа 26. Задайте питання. Ask questions.

    Peter will learn English in Oxford next year.

    a) Who? b) What? c) Коли? d) Where?


    Вправа 27. Задайте питання до наступних пропозицій. Make questions for the following sentences.

    1. He will buy tickets tomorrow.

    When ______________?

    2. Mike will go to the railway station in the afternoon.

    Who ______________?

    3. Sally will go to the airport on Monday.

    How ______________?

    4. I think the ticket will cost 100 pounds.

    How much ______________?


    Вправа 28. Запишіть питання-пропозиції допомоги за зразком. Write questions as in the example.

    Example: We have no bread, (to go to the shop) — Shall I go to the shop?

  • There is an interesting film on the cinema, (to buy tickets)
  • I can’t do the exercise. It’s very difficult, (to help)
  • The room is dirty, (to clean)
  • It’s very hot in the room, (to open the window)
  • We are very hungry, (to cook pizza)
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