Вправи на узгодження часів в англійській

Сьогоднішній урок присвячений відпрацюванню узгодження часів в англійській мові. Це шостий урок з циклу матеріалів з лексики та граматики для рівня advanced.

Автор уроку: Затонська Анастасія Станіславівна, педагог додаткової освіти Палацу творчості дітей та молоді р. Ростова-на-Дону, кандидат філологічних наук.

Sequence of tenses exercises

Grammar: the Sequence of Tenses, the Indirect Speech

Lexical topic: Family, Hobby

Exercise 1. Open the brackets. Remember that you should use the rules of the Sequence of Tenses. Вам корисно буде прочитати матеріал Пряма і непряма мова в англійській.

  • He said that he still (to be) fond of collecting and stamps coins.
  • She said that her parents (to divorce) two years ago already! – Oh, how awful! I can’t believe it’s true!
  • I met him at the disco yesterday and he told me that I (to dance) very well and I answered that it (to be) no wonder because dancing (to be) my hobby for many years!
  • She said her mother’s hobby (to be) ballet and she (to dance) pretty well in her youth. Can you imagine? – No, hardly.
  • My great-grandparents (to be) of duty for a whole year before they (to get) married. – I believe it’s impossible nowadays.
  • Exercise 2. Complete the sentences. Use sequance rule of tenses.

  • … that his nephew didn’t go to school yet as he is too small.
  • … that his father had been fond of parachuting and car racing before …
  • His cousin … that collecting badges … for years until …
  • I found out yesterday that … until…
  • … her mother-in-law had never been interested in such a strange thing as embroidering, it must be a mistake.
  • … that his grandson … at that moment.
  • She was sure that her father … until he married.
  • My grandfather … that playing the piano … for all his life.
  • My uncle … that his ancestors …
  • … that his parents …

    Exercise 3. Open the brackets. Remember that if you speak about the action which was a future one in the moment of speech (that is, in the past) you should use the Future in the Past Tense.

  • Did you ask Mike to take the camera to the party? – Yes, he told me that he (to come) and (to take) a lot of pictures.
  • Did you persuade your cousin in the necessity of sports? – Yes, but she promised that she (to go in for) sports) only since that summer.
  • What did you tell your little niece? – Nothing special – I only (to tell) her that I (to travel) all the summer and that it (to be) a lot of fun and now she wants to go with me.
  • Did you invite to Mary the basketball game in which you (to take part) the next week? – Yes, I did, but it turned out that she (to watch) the horseracing competitions at that moment.
  • Has your mother already finished sewing the dress for the baby? – No, but she said she (to finish) it in a couple of days.
  • Exercise 4. Complete the sentences. If you have any difficulties refer to exercise 3.

  • I hoped that my brother in a week.
  • … that my niece and nephew would go hiking the next day and there would be quiet at home.
  • I told you that his mother – in-law … . Well, I was wrong.
  • Did he tell you that his parents … the next year? Don’t believe it.
  • Did you really think that your cousin … in a month?
  • She Did really believe that her daughter … in two weeks?
  • I didn’t want to think that … after a while. I am greatly disappointed with your intentions.
  • I didn’t know that your grandfather … in summer. – I didn’t know myself!
  • Exercise 5. Translate and render in the Indirect Speech.

    Дві голлівудські зірки сваряться: «Не корч із себе леді! Ти навіть не знаєш, хто твої мати і бабуся!» «Справді, про моєї бабусі говорять різні речі! Стверджують навіть, що це ти!» 2. Молодий чоловік пройшов до своєї нареченої. «Сьогодні ми проведемо прекрасний вечір. Я взяв три квитка в театр.» «Навіщо тобі знадобилося три квитка?» «Для тата, мами і брата!» 3. Чому ти вирішив, що твоя дружина втомилася від тебе?» «Останнім часом вона стала загортати мій сніданок у географічні карти». 4. Молодий чоловік прийшов до батька коханої дівчини. «Сер, я хотів би одружитися з вашої дочки», — сказав він. «А ви вже розмовляли з моєю дружиною?» «Так, сер, але якщо ви не заперечуєте, я все ж волів би вашу дочку». 6. «Мама, я перекинув буфет!» «Який жах! Я зараз скажу татові» «Він вже знає, буфет упав на нього!» 7. Один господар ресторану повісив об’яву: «Тут оплачують рахунки ваші правнуки!» Перший же відвідувач, побачивши це оголошення, замовив собі чудовий обід. Коли офіціант приніс рахунок, відвідувач вказав на оголошення. «Абсолютно вірно», — сказав офіціант, — «Ваші правнуки оплатять ваш рахунок, але це рахунок вашого прадіда!» 8. «Моя двоюрідна сестра сказала мені, що ти розповіла їй секрет, який я просила тебе їй не передавати!» «Але ж я просила її не говорити тобі, що я розповіла їй!» «Гаразд. Не говори їй, що я сказала тобі, що вона розповіла мені!»

    Більше вправ на непряму мова.

    Exercise 6. You have a new friend. In the evening during the supper you tell your family about your friend, his family, their hobbies. But a lot of what you know seems to be not very reliable and true-to-life, so you prefer to tell it from his words.

    Exercise 7. Let’s play “the spoiled phone”. One of the students says something so quietly that his only two сусідів can hear him. But probably he said something very interesting? All the others want to know it, too; so they try to find out “What did he say?” — “He said that…” The neighbor, who the rendered message correctly and quicker than the other one, produces the next message, and so on.

    Exercise 8. The game “Quotations”. It is not a secret that the problems of interrelationships between members of a family, the problem of generation gap, men’s hobbies and leisure time have worried people for centuries.

    • For example, Mark Twain said that the best children were those who saw their parents as they were;
    • Oscar Wilde said that he lived in a century when people read too much to be wise and thought too much to be beautiful.

    Please, remember what your favorite writers, poets and philosophers said about this. Do you agree with them?

    Exercise 9. Let’s remember about the hobbies of different generations – your parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. Do you know what your grandmothers and grandfathers were fond of? Tell us about it.

    Сподіваюся, ці sequence of tenses вправи допомогли Вам засвоїти тему узгодження часів.

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