Вправи на тему The Past Perfect Tense

Вправи на відпрацювання Past Perfect – прекрасна можливість закріпити правила вживання цього непростого часу. До речі, правила Past Perfect також доступні на сайті. А ми займемося вправами. Past Perfect вправи пропонуються з відповідями, тому ви зможете без праці переконається у своїх успіхах або, якщо потрібно, ще раз звернеться до статті з теорії The Past Perfect Tense. У деяких вправах можливі різні варіанти відповідей, тому для них я буду давати зразкові варіанти.

Вправи розбиті на 2 рівня: рівень A дещо простіше, рівень B– трохи складніше.

Past Perfect вправи рівня A.

Вправа 1. Complete the sentences using the Past Perfect tense of the verbs below. (Доповніть речення, використовуючи форму Past Perfect дієслів, наведених нижче.)


to learn the poem

— I went to bed after I had learnt the poem.


to have dinner, to do homework, to come , to read the book, to clean the room, to go shopping, to return from Australia, to finish work

  • I went to see my friend after…
  • I watched TV after…
  • They went home after…
  • He phoned me after…
  • She went to dance after…
  • We wrote a composition after…
  • They rebuilt the house after…
  • We went for a walk after…

    Вправа 2. Insert the verbs in the Past Perfect tense. (Вставити дієслова в Past Perfect.)

  • I … (to have) before breakfast I went to school.
  • He went to meet his friends after he … (to do) his homework.
  • By 8 o’clock the rain … (to stop).
  • Alice was late because she … (to miss) the bus.
  • She went to the post-office after she … (to write) the letter.
  • He … (to work) at the factory before he entered the college.
  • He got a bad mark for his test because he … (to make) a lot of mistakes in it.
  • I went to bed after I … (to finish) reading the book.
  • The child … (to fall) asleep before the parents came home.
  • Вони … (to marry) before they bought this house.

    Вправа 3 . Use Past Perfect of the verbs in the box to complete the sentences. (Використовуйте Past Perfect запропонованих дієслів, щоб доповнити речення.)

    to leave, to go, to die, to see, to live, to fly

  • I didn’t read the text in class because I … my book at home.
  • The children didn’t want to go to the cinema because they … already … the film.
  • Kate wasn’t at home last week because she … to visit her uncle.
  • Linda never knew her father because he … before she was born.
  • I was excited when the plane took off because I… never … before.
  • My grandfather was always afraid of animals because he … never in the country.

    Вправа 4. Insert the verbs in the Past Perfect tense. (Вставити дієслова в PastPerfect.)

    1. Jill was afraid she _____ (forget) her key at home, but she found it in her handbag.

    2. Dad wasn’t at home when I came back. He _____ (go) out twenty minutes before.

    3. I wasn’t hungry because I_____ (just/have) breakfast.

    4. Peter saw an urgent message on his table. Somebody _____ (leave) it the day before.

    5. I I apologized _____ (not/phone) her.

    6. He told me that he _____ (come back) a fortnight before.

    7. I knew him at once though I _____ (meet) him many years before.

    8. We spent the night in Klin, a town we _____ (often/hear of) but_____ (never/see).

    9. They couldn’t believe he _____ (give up) his job in the bank. He _____ (make) a good living there.

    10. Mr. Jackson said that he _____ ( already/buy) everything for lunch.

    11. Alice asked her brother, where he _____ (arrange) to meet his friends.

    12. We had no car at that time because we _____ (sell) our old one.

    13. They _____ (finish) painting the ceiling by two o’clock.


    Past Perfect вправи рівня B.

    Вправа 5. Say what action was done before. Combine the two sentences into one. (Визначте, яку дію сталося раніше. Об’єднайте два речення в одне, не змінюючи частині місцями. Використовуйте BEFORE )

    Example/ Приклад

    I sent a telegram. Then I met my friend.

    — I had sent a telegram before I met my friend.


  • The rain stopped. I went for a walk.
  • I did my homework. My mother returned home.
  • We met in the street. We went to the park.
  • They packed their things. Then they started.
  • I had dinner. I switched on the TV set.
  • He returned home. The guests left.
  • We came to the cinema. The film began.
  • I read the book. I saw the play. .
  • They lived here. They moved to another place.
  • We played а game of tennis. We went to my place

    Вправа 6. Connect each pair of sentences with the conjunctions before, as soon as, after. (Об’єднайте два речення в одне, використовуючи before, as soon as, after.)


    They had lived in the country. They moved to the city.

    — They had lived in the country before they moved to the city.


  • He had finished school. He went to a camp.
  • She had phoned her friend. She went to meet her.
  • I read the book. I had seen the film.
  • I had cleaned my room. I invited my friends home.
  • He entered the university. He had finished school.
  • Не told me about his impressions. He had returned from his journey.
  • He was unhappy. He had got bad news.
  • I had finished the text. I handed in my exercise book.

    Вправа 7. Complete the sentences using Past Perfect. (Доповніть речення, використовуючи Past Perfect ).

    I watched a new film after…

    I went for a walk after…

    I fell asleep after…

    I began to read a book after…

    I helped my mother about the house after…



    Вправа 1. Орієнтовні відповіді:

  • I went to see my friend after I had done my homework.
  • I watched TV after I had come.
  • They went home after they had finished work.
  • He phoned me after he had cleaned the room.
  • She went to dance after she had had dinner
  • We wrote a composition after he had read the book.
  • They rebuilt the house after they had come from Australia.
  • We went for a walk after he had gone shopping.
  • Вправа 2.

    1 had had, 2 had done, 3 had stopped, 4 had missed, 5 had written, 6 had worked, 7 had made, 8 had finished, 9 had fallen, 10 had married

    Вправа 3.

    1 had left, 2 had already seen. 3 had gone, 4 had died, 5 had never flown, 6 had never lived

    Вправа 4.

    1 had forgotten, 2 had gone, 3 had just had, 4 had left, 5 had not phoned, 6 had come back, 7 had met, 8 had often heard/ had never seen, 9 had given up/ had made, 10 had already bought, 11 had arranged, 12 had sold, 13 had finished

    Вправа 5. Орієнтовні відповіді:

  • The rain had stopped before I went for a walk.
  • I had done my homework before my mother returned home.
  • We had met in the street before we went to the park.
  • They had packed their things before they started.
  • I had had dinner before I switched on the TV set.
  • Before he returned home the guests had left.
  • Before we came to the cinema the film had begun.
  • I had read the book before I saw the play. .
  • They had lived here before they moved to another place.
  • We had played а game of tennis before we went to my place
  • Вправа 6. Орієнтовні відповіді:

  • After he had finished school, he went to a camp.
  • As soon as she had phoned her friend, she went to meet her.
  • I read the book after I had seen the film.
  • I had cleaned my room before I invited my friends home.
  • He entered the university after he had finished school.
  • Не told me about his impressions after he had returned from his journey.
  • He was unhappy after he had got bad news.
  • After I had finished the text, I handed in my exercise book.
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