Вправи на пряму і непряму мова в англійській мові

Сьогодні виконуємо вправи на пряму і непряму мова в англійській мові. Спочатку пропоную Вам повторити правила пряма і непряма мова в англійській мові. Сподіваюся, ви готові і ми можемо приступити до виконання вправ.

У статті є вправи на вживання

  • Непрямої мови у стверджувальних реченнях;
  • Непрямої мови в питальних реченнях;
  • Непрямої мови у спонукальних реченнях;

Непряма мова вправи. Ствердні пропозиції.

У даній главі виконаємо indirect speech exercises на переклад стверджувальних пропозицій з прямої мови в непряму.

Вправа 1. Change the direct speech into reported speech. Переведіть в непряму мову.

Example “I work hard,” Jillian said.

— Jillian said that he worked hard.

  • “I am planning to go to Kenya,” Sally said.
  • “I take my little sister to school every day,” little Anthony said.
  • “You may take my textbook,” Nonna said.
  • “They are playing in the gym now,” Nick said.
  • “I don’t like chocolate,” Mary said.
  • “My sister is ready to go” Helen said.
  • “My mother usually goes shopping on Saturday,” the girl said.
  • “The birds build their nests among the trees,” the teacher said.
  • “I am not married,” Jimmy said.
  • “I can’t read these books. I don’t like them,” Petra said.
  • Вправа 2. Change the direct speech into reported speech. Переведіть в непряму мову.

    Example 1: I have already finished the test. -> He said he had already finished the test.

  • We have gone on holiday.
  • Nelly can’t write; she has cut her finger.
  • The Ivanovs have travelled to many places.
  • Sam has already learnt the poem.
  • My sister has broken my pencil.
  • My dad has never travelled by plane.
  • Andrew has lost his keys.
  • Jill has never slept in a tent.
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    Example 2: The party finished late. —> He said (that) the party had finished late.

  • They lived in a camp when they were on holiday.
  • My brother got up early this morning.
  • Li was a famous sportsman.
  • The couple agreed to meet at six.
  • Yesterday, I saw Mary in the street.
  • Sammy arrived by train.
  • Nicky went home early yesterday.
  • The kids played tennis in the yard.
  • Example 3: i’ll meet them at school. —> He said he would meet them at school.

  • The match will take place next week.
  • This work will take little time.
  • My parents will come at 3.
  • Mike will do this exercise later.
  • My friend won’t be able to come.
  • They’ll build a new hotel here.
  • It will rain tomorrow.
  • Sandy won’t be able to come.
  • We’ll have examinations next year.
  • Вправа 3. Imagine that you met your friend and he told you something. Writе what he told you.

    Example: I haven’t seen you for a long time.—> He told me that he hadn’t seen me for a long time.

  • I was away from school because I was ill.
  • I phoned you many times but you were out.
  • Some of the schoolmates came to see me.
  • I had a cold and stayed in bed.
  • I watched TV.
  • I’ll come to school next week.
  • I’ll be better I hope.
  • The doctor has given me many pills.
  • Вправа 4. Перепишіть речення з непрямою мови в пряму.

    Example: He said the meeting had finished. —> The meeting has finished.

  • He said that his bus hadn’t come in time the day beforе.
  • The boys said they would go to the football match.
  • He said their team hadn’t won the last game.
  • Molly said that she had gone to the library after school.
  • Liz said that she would go home early.
  • Wе said that hadn’t we made any plans yet.
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    Непряма мова вправи. Питальні речення.

    Переходимо до вправ на відпрацювання перекладу питальних речень з прямої мови в непряму.

    Вправа 5. Imagine that you saw your doctor yesterday because you had a bad headache. Tell your partner what the questions doctor asked.

    Example: Do you sleep well?

    — The doctor asked me if I slept well.

  • Is anything wrong with you?
  • Do sometimes you have headaches?
  • Are you taking any medicine now?
  • Do you spend much time out – of-doors?
  • Do you do sports?
  • Have you a good appetite?
  • Do you usually go to bed late?
  • Will you follow my advice?
  • Вправа 6. Imagine that a reporter from the local newspaper came to your school yesterday. Report his questions.

    Еxample: How long have you studied at this school?

    — He asked me how long I had studied at that school.

  • What do you like about your school?
  • What school activity did you have last?
  • What good habits have you formed at school?
  • What is your favorite subject?
  • What is more important for you at school?
  • How often do you go on school trips?
  • What is your school record?
  • Вправа 7. Report the questions.

    Example: Are you glad to be back?

    — He asked me if I was glad to be back.

  • How are you?
  • How long have you been away?
  • Are you going away again?
  • What will you do in future?
  • Why did you come back?
  • What are you doing now?
  • Have you made new friends?
  • Where are you living now?
  • Вправа 8. Report the questions.

    Example: Are you English?

    — She asked him if he was English.

  • Can Molly English?
  • What impressed you most in England?
  • When did Rick come home yesterday?
  • Does Megan like travelling?
  • Will you come to my place on Friday?
  • Is it your second visit to England?
  • Why have you come to scotland?
  • Will Molly stay at the hotel long?
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    Вправа 9. Write reported questions.

    Example: “Who is he?” she asked.

    — She asked who he was.

  • “Why is she working so late?” he asked.
  • “Is she British?” he asked.
  • “What’s her name?” he asked.
  • “What she did buy?” he asked.
  • “Will you have something to eat?” she asked.
  • “Have they got any money?” she asked.
  • “How did you do that?” she asked.
  • Непряма мова вправи. Спонукальні речення.

    Вправа 10. Imagine that your mother gave you some instructions. Report them to your partner. Use the sentences below.

    Example: Feed the cat.

    She told me to feed the cat.

  • Come home straight after school.
  • Warm up your dinner.
  • Wash up the dishes after the dinner.
  • Buy bread, milk and sugar.
  • Start doing your homework before I come.
  • Take the dog for a walk.
  • Clean your room.
  • Wait for me at home.
  • Вправа 11. Tell your partner what instructions you have got from different teachers today. Use the sentences below.

    Don’t be late for the lesson.

    — She told us not to be late for the lesson

  • Don’t stay outside after the bell comes.
  • Don’t run along the corridor.
  • Don’t make noise.
  • Don’t look into your neighbor’s exercise book.
  • Don’t lie on your desk.
  • Don’t ask me silly questions.
  • Don’t waste time at the lesson.
  • Listen to me attentively.
  • Write down the rule into your exercise-books.
  • Get down to work.
  • Сподіваюся, ви впоралися з цими вправами по темі Непряма мова.

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