Вправи на побудову питань в англійській мові

Сьогодні ми поупражняемся у побудові всіх типів питань в англійській мові. Раніше на сайті я вже розміщувала окремі вправи на розділові запитання, вправи на спеціальні запитання і вправи на загальні питання англійською. У наведених нижче вправах Вам доведеться мати справу зі всіма п’ятьма типами питань в англійській мові. Вправи по традиції йдуть за зростанням складності.

5 types of questions exercises.

Вправа 1. Fill in the words to form questions.

did, are, do, have, was, haven’t, is, isn’t

  • What types of books ______ you like to read?
  • _____ she reading love story or an a adventure story?
  • ______ you seen «Titanic»?
  • Who _____ watching TV at eight o’clock last night?
  • It’s an exciting book, ________ it?
  • _____ you going to watch a romantic film or a musical?
  • You have seen this film, _______ you.
  • _____ you go to the cinema last night?
  • Now group this question by their types.

    Yes / No Questions: ______________.

    Alternative Questions: ______________.

    Special Questions: ______________.

    Tag Questions: ______________.

    Вправа 2. Form questions.

    • birthday / is / when / your?
    • many / How / cards / did / get / you?
    • do / What / like / you / presents?
    • mum / What / make / did / cake / your?
    • at the party / you / did / what / do?
    • like / you / parties / do / Why?
    • summer / are / this / where / you / going?
    • there / going / How / you / are?
    • take / going / to / what / you / are?
    • with / are / you / Who / going?
    • do / going / to / you / there / What / are?
    • you / stay / going / to / are / Where?
    • what / playing / dad / sports / your / games / is / of / fond?
    • roller-skate / when / learn / you / to / did?
    • of / afraid / are / swimming / you?

    Вправа 3. Напишіть питання до пропозицій, починаючи зі слова в дужках.

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  • My sister eats sweets every day. (Who)
  • He won’t go to the country this summer (Will)
  • We were advised to come. (What?)
  • I haven’t seen Peter since Saturday. (Since when?)
  • They are planning to have a holiday soon. (They)
  • She made a beautiful dress for herself last week. (What?)
  • Everybody was waiting at the door to the museum. (Was)
  • By the end of the year he had read about twenty books. (How many)
  • He is followed by his friend everywhere. (By whom?)
  • He didn’t know how he could help his friend. (Why?)
  • Вправа 4. Write questions to the underlined parts of the text.

    John is my cousin (1). He is only 18, but he is already a student (2). John is very intelligent (3) and he is a good-looking boy too. Many girls (4) admire his dark brown (5) eyes and curly hair. The only problem is that John hasn’t got enough money (6). He likes books (7) but he often has no money to buy them.

    Вправа 5. Write special and alternative questions to the answers.


    He is from England.

    What country is he from?

    Is he from England or Scotland?

  • We went to the library.
  • He is a driver.
  • We were playing a game.
  • They came to this place a long time ago.
  • Вправа 6. Напишіть запитання до відповідей.

    1. ____________________________?

    A computer. (The Adams bought a computer.)

    2. ____________________________?

    They have. They have already met Mr Smith.)

    3. ____________________________?

    They met Mr Smith when they were in London.

    4. ____________________________?

    They are. (They are going to there again).

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    5. ____________________________?

    English. She teaches English.

    6. ____________________________?

    Travelling. (He was interested in travelling.)

    7. ____________________________?

    They do. (They have to get up early.)

    8. ____________________________?

    At the airport. (He had to meet them at the airport.)

    9. ____________________________?

    The baby’s room. (Mary has to clean the baby’s room every morning.)

    10. ____________________________?

    Boots. (They have to wear boots.)

    Вправа 7. Write questions about driving in England. Use the prompts.

    • petrol expensive in England?
    • motorists have to wear front seat belts in England?
    • what minimum driving age?
    • many roads in England?
    • roads good in England?
    • what the national speed limits in England?
    • how all speed limits given on signs?
    • how signs indicate speed limits?

    Вправа 8. Read the text. Write down the questions for the underlined words to get more information.

  • Somebody wrote this book. It is about somebody and his friends.
  • One day he put on something white.
  • He looked like somebody.
  • The old Frekken Bokk was cooking something.
  • Something opened and he appeared somewhere.
  • She did something in horror.
  • She phoned somebody.
  • And at that time somebody and his friend were eating something.
  • Вправа 9. Complete the tag questions.

  • The books about animals are real fun, …
  • You really like reading magazines, …
  • You can go to the library tomorrow, …
  • Your mum thinks adventure stories are exciting, …
  • You haven’t seen «Harry Potter» yet, …
  • Вправа 10. Read these facts Ask and answer questions about the facts. Use Who? When? What?

  • Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein in 1818.
  • Guglielmo Marconi invented the radio in 1894.
  • Hubert Booth invented the vacuum cleaner in 1901
  • King Camp Gillette invented the razor in 1901
  • Henry Ford produced the first cheap car in 1908.
  • Peter Chilvers built the first windsurfer in 1958.
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    Вправа 11. Ask questions with who or what.

  • Jack is waiting for someone.
  • Someone is waiting for Jack.
  • Something is happening.
  • Someone has got the money.
  • Carmen wants to see someone.
  • Someone wants to see Carmen.
  • Carmen wants to see something.
  • Steven посміхнулася at someone.
  • Someone посміхнулася at Steven.
  • Steven посміхнулася at something.
  • Something happened.
  • Вправа 12. Correct the mistakes.

    • What Tony is writing?
    • What is writing?
    • What Julia want to do?
    • Who does wants a cup of tea?
    • Who President John F. Kennedy killed?
    • Who did invented the telephone?
    • Whose your favorite actor?
    • Who’s is this coat?
    • What do you hand write with?
    • Arthur is 21, he hasn’t?
    • You’re a student, isn’t it?
    • They live in Milan, it doesn’t?
    • Does Diana like golf, she doesn’t?

    Сподіваюся, Вам сподобалося відпрацьовувати типи запитань у вправах. Англійська мова: типи питань вправи – важлива тема, тому вправи на питання допоможуть Вам почувати себе впевненіше в англійській.

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