Вправи на 3 тип умовних речень. Third conditional

Вправи на третій тип умовних речень — Third conditional – є продовженням циклу вправ по темі CONDITIONALS. Раніше я вже розміщувала вправи на перший тип умовних речень, а також вправи з відповідями по темі Second Conditional.

Third conditional exercises with answers.

Вправа 1. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form (Conditional 3).

  • If the government ____________ (give) more money to the factory it _____________ (not close).
  • If the government ___________ (build) flood barriers, we __________ (not have) the floods last year.
  • If Dan ___________ (know) how to swim, he ____________ (not drown).
  • If Molly __________ (listen) to the weather – forecast, she ______________ (know) it was going to rain.
  • If Greg _____________ (tell) me he was ill, I ____________ (be) more sympathetic. .
  • If she __________ (prepare) for the exam, she __________ (pass) it.
  • If Bill _________ (see) the house, he ________ ( not buy) it.
  • These words ___________ (roughly express) bob’s feelings, if he __________ (be) capable of reasoning.
  • But what ___________ (you do), if you ________ (see) what I saw
  • It ___________ (be) all done though, if Jill __________ (help) at the right time.

    Вправа 2. Do you ever think about what would or would not have happened if … ? Make a chain story, using the following.

    If I _____________ (not use) so much gas, I _____________ (not have) such a big gas bill.

    If I _____________ (must not) pay my gas bill, I _____________ (not go) out in the rain.

    If I_____________ (not go) out in the rain, I _____________ (not catch) a cold.

    If I _____________ (not catch) a cold, I _____________ (not carry) a handkerchief.

    Читайте також:
    Діловий лист англійською — оформлення, види кореспонденції та зразок листа

    If I_____________ (not carry) a handkerchief, I_____________ (not drop) it.

    If I _____________ (not drop) my handkerchief, Juan _____________ (not pick) it up.

    If Juan_____________ (not pick) up my handkerchief, we_____________ (never meet).

    Moral: Paying bills can be a good thing.

    Вправа 3. Correct the third Conditional sentences if you see any mistakes. Some of the sentences are correct.

  • Molly might have thought that Paul was enjoying the weather, if there had been any to enjoy.
  • If Krassotkin had known what an effect his words might have on the child, nothing would have had induced him to play this trick on him.
  • Even if Jack had died, he wouldn’t just the same has escaped from his horrible position.
  • It can all have gone off more harmoniously if Peter had taken the trouble to embellish his story.
  • I wonder what might have happened if a Gatling (скорострільна стрілецька зброя) had been used.
  • But if Molly had stayed in her home, she wouldn’t have any home left to stay in.
  • Bill dreamed of it at the age when everyone would laugh to his face if they could have guessed what was in his head.
  • If the robber had been someone like Molly Smith, she ‘ d simply have put the chain straight in her pocket and get away as fast as she could.
  • If Greg could have moved, Greg would have leapt upon me.
  • If Sally had been with us, the sense of complicity would be cloying.
  • Вправа 4. Rewrite the letter, using if-clauses (Third conditional).

    Dear Магу,

    Читайте також:
    Певний артикль в англійській мові – коли обов'язково використовувати

    Вправи на 3 тип умовних речень. Third conditional

    I’m writing to you feeling completely frustrated. As you know, I have to give a reception every year to entertain my husband’s business associates, so I have to go to a lot of trouble. Well, disaster struck again! In my attempt to appear an original hostess, I ordered some Chinese and Thai food to be served with chopsticks. Needless to say, my guests disapproved. I also booked a Latin band to come and play live, but our middle-aged guests found it hard to dance so energetically. My husband has no sympathy for me and is mad at my choice of entertainment. I must confess I want to get out of organising such social gatherings. It’s a pity you weren’t here; you missed out on a unique opportunity to see my husband dancing.

    Вправа 5. Переклад. Translate the sentences using the third conditional.

  • Пітер не зміг би потрапити туди, не зустрінь він хлопчиків.
  • Втім, якщо привид був би просто ілюзією, він повинен був би повністю зникнути, але він не зник.
  • Чоловік напевно б застрелив дружину, якби поліцейський не відштовхнув його руку.
  • Якщо Джека піймали, то, можливо, його взяли в полон.
  • Старий став так гнівається, що, якби Катя сказала б йому, що не збиралася відвідати його, він би неодмінно образився.
  • Якщо б у Порфирія були хороші карти, він би показав їх.
  • Моллі б ніколи не поставила себе в таке положення, якщо б не довіряла Саллі повністю.
  • Third Conditional exercises. Answers

    Exercise 1.

    1 had given / wouldn’t have closed, 2 had built / wouldn’t have had, 3 had known / wouldn’t have drowned, 4 had listened / would have known 5 had told / would have been, 6 had prepared / would have passed, 7 had seen / wouldn’t have bought, 8 would roughly have expressed / had been, 9 would you have done / had seen, 10 would have been / had helped.

    Exercise 2.

    Читайте також:
    Англійська дієслово bring — форми дієслова, значення, приклади пропозицій

    Hadn’t used / wouldn’t have had;

    Hadn’t had to pay / wouldn’t have gone;

    Hadn’t gone / wouldn’t have caught;

    Hadn’t caught / wouldn’t have been carrying;

    Hadn’t been carrying / wouldn’t have dropped;

    Hadn’t dropped / wouldn’t have picked;

    Hadn’t picked / would have never met.

    Exercise 3.

  • correct;
  • would have had induced -> would have induced;
  • has escaped -> have escaped;
  • can -> could ;
  • correct;
  • wouldn’t have -> wouldn’t have had;
  • would laugh -> would have laughed;
  • get -> would have got / got;
  • correct;
  • would be -> would have been
  • Exercise 4. Different are possible variants.

    Exercise 5.

  • Peter could never have got if there he hadn’t met the boys.
  • But if the ghost had been just an illusion, it should have faded away entirely, but it didn’t
  • The man would certainly have shot his wife if the police officer had not thrust aside his hand.
  • If Jack had been caught, they might have taken him prisoner.
  • The old man had become so irritable that if Kate had told him that she wasn’t going to visit him, he would certainly have been offended.
  • If Porfiry had really had good cards, he would have shown them.
  • Molly would have never placed herself position in that if she hadn’t completely trusted Sally.
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