Урок на тему Some and Any

  • Read the dialogue.
  • — Honey, we don’t have any salt.

    — We have some salt darling. It’s in the cupboard.

    — Ah, OK. Do we have any eggs? I would like to make some omellette.

    — There are some eggs in the fridge, I think.

    — Is there any milk in the fridge?

    — No, there isn’t any milk at all. We need to buy some milk.

    — OK. What about flour? Do we have any flour?

    — Yes, we do. We have some flour in the cupboard on the shelf. But we don’t have any pepper. And there isn’t any oil too.

    — ДОБРЕ, i’ll go shopping and buy some oil, some salt, some pepper and some milk. I won’t buy any eggs, any flour and any sugar.

    — Thank you darling. You are always so helpful. That’s why I love you!


    Honey — мед; тут: дорогий, коханий

    Salt — сіль

    Cupboard — буфет, шафа

    At all — зовсім, зовсім

    Flour — борошно

    Pepper — перець

    Oil — масло

  • Translate the dialogue and role play it.
  • Point out the sentences with Some and Any.
  • Make up your own dialogue using Some, Any and vocabulary of the lesson.
  • [attention type=red]Remember![/attention]

    Some — affirmative sentences.

    Any — negative, interrogative sentences.

    Якісь, кілька, деякі, трохи і т. д.Урок на тему Some and AnyВживання Some і Any в англійській мові

  • Fill in with Some and Any.
  • My brother has … good books.
  • Lily may come at … time.
  • … of these clocks are very expensive.
  • Have you … pens?
  • There are … mistakes in tom’s design.
  • There Are … new buildings here?
  • Alex has … antiques.
  • They have not … time.
  • Choose the right answer
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    Jim hasn’t got … money.



    Would you like … juice?



    Would you like … chocolate pudding?



    I haven’t written … letters.



    Would you like … tea?



    Do you know … good hotels in Paris?



    Ann is going to buy … clothes.



    Jimmy has … excellent computer games.



    Do you have … better ideas?



    Would you like … sugar in your coffee?



  • Fill in with Some and Any
  • There are … pictures in the text-book
  • There Are … new pupils in your group?
  • There are … new buildings in our street.
  • There Are … English on the newspapers desks? — Yes, there are …
  • There Are … maps of Great Britain on the walls? —No, there aren’t …
  • There Are … pencils on the desk? — – Yes, there are …
  • There Are … chewing gums in your bag? — – Yes, there are…
  • Have you got … French books at home? — Yes, I have…
  • There are … beautiful pictures in the magazine. Look at them.8.Fill in with Some, Any or No
  • 1.There are … buses today and I can’t go shopping. 2. There is … caviar in the can. I love it. Would you like ??? 3. Please don’t offer him … chips. He doesn’t want …. 4. Can I have … milk in my tea? I don’t like it black. 5. There is … ink in my pen. 6. Is there … snow in the street this morning? 7. My mother likes … music. 8. There Are … chess players there? 9. There are … diagrams in the new text-book. 10. There Are … French newspapers on the table?

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  • Fill in with Some and Any
  • There is … green tea in the cup.

    My cousin has … French books.

    There Are … guests in the living-room?

    Do you have … toys?

    There are not … beats at home.

    Nancy has … flowers in her hands.

    Does Andy have … pencils?

    There are not … pencils in the pencil-box.

    There Are … pictures on the wall?

    There are … buses in the street.

    Would you like … ice-cream?

    Can I have … milk?

    There are … newspapers on the table.

    There isn’t … butter on the table.

    Sue has … toys in the corner of her room.

    Is there … chalk, children?

    There Are … pictures in this magazine?

    There are … chairs round the table.

  • Make up ten sentences using and Some Any
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