Урок на тему Past Simple

  • Read the texts:

    One night Alan Cockerell, a waiter from a hotel near Loch Ness, walked home.

    It was in 1988. Alan worked late and work out at two o’clock. He walked home alone. It was a clear night and there was a full moon. While he was on his way to his гори, something happened. Something appeared in the lake. It was large and black. Alan hurried to his cottage to take his camera. But when he returned to the lake there was nothing there. Alan was sure it was a Loch Ness monster Nessie.

  • Answer the questions:
  • What was Alan Cockerell?
    Where did he walk?
    What appeared in the lake?

    James DEAN

    James Dean was a young film star. He loved motor racing and he often took part in sports car races. On the 21st of August 1954 he bought a new Ferrari 590 Spider. He paid $ 9000 for it. At half past one on Saturday the 29th of September 1955 he left for Hollywood Paso Robles. But he didn’t arrive at Paso Robles. At 2.26 dean’s Ferrari crashed into a lorry. The spidometer stopped at 100 mph (meter per hour). The crash broke dean’s neck. At that moment a film star died and a legend was born.

  • Answer the questions:
  • What was James Dean?
    What did he love?
    What did he buy on the 21st of August 1954?
    How much did he pay for it?
    What happened with James Dean?

    Who Killed Ruth Less?

    Ruth Less was a rich woman. On Wednesday 9 June somebody murdered her. The murder hit her with a heavy baseball bar. On the eighth of June there was a dinner in the evening at Ruth Less’ house. The dinner finished at 12 o’clock. There were four people at the dinner: Ruth Less, her husband Dennis, her sister Cindy Sweet and her business partner Ken Doe. At 5 past 12 Ken Doe left and he drove home. О 1 годині Ruth phoned Ken Doe. At 2 o’clock Dennis Less woke up as he heard a crash downstairs. He came downstairs, went into the office and found Ruth dead on the floor. The French windows were open.

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    4. Answer the questions:

    When was Ruth Less killed?
    How many persons were at the dinner?
    Who was her business partner?
    Who found Ruth dead?

  • Retell the texts.
  • [attention type=red]Remember![/attention]

    The Past Simple Tense:

    Verb + ed

    The II-nd form of irregular verbs

    I worked

    I broke

    Урок на тему Past SimplePast Simple в англійській мові

  • Open the brackets using Past Simple:
  • Tom (to do) morning exercises.
  • She (to work) at a factory.
  • He (to sleep) after dinner.
  • They (to work) part-time.
  • We (to drink) tea every day.
  • Alex (to be) a student.
  • Ann (to have) a car.
  • He (to be) a good friend.
  • We (to be) good friends.
  • It (to be) difficult to remember everything.
  • Open the brackets using Past Simple:
  • Ann (to have) a sister.
    2. Her sister’s name (to be) Amy.
    3. Amy (to be) a student.
    4. She (to get) up at seven o’clock.
    5. She (to go) to the institute in the morning.
    6. Suzy (to be) fond of sports.
    7. She (to do) her morning exercises every day.
    8. For breakfast she (to have) two eggs, a sandwich and a cup of tea.
    9. After breakfast she (to go) to the institute.
    10. Sometimes she (to take) a bus.
    11. It (to take) her an hour and a half to do her homework.
    12. She (to speak) English well.
    13. Her friends usually (to call) her at about 8 o’clock.
    14. Ann (to take) a shower before going to bed.
    15. She (to go) to bed at 11 p. m.
  • Open the brackets using Past Simple:
  • My working day (to begin) at 6 o’clock.
    2. I (to get) up (to switch) on the TV and (to brush) my teeth.
    3. It (to take) me about twenty minutes.
    4. I (to have) breakfast at 7 o’clock.
    5. I (to leave) home at half past seven.
    6. I (to take) a bus to the institute.
    7. It usually (to take) me about fifteen minutes to get there.
    8. Classes (to begin) at 8.
    9. We usually (to have) four classes a day.
    10. I (to have) lunch at about 3 o’clock.
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    To be in Past Simple:

    I, he, she, it was
    you, we, they were

  • Use to be in Past Simple:
  • He … a student.
    2. My brother … not a shop-assistant, he … a scientist.
    3. … your sister a nurse? — Yes, she ….
    4. … they at home? — No, вони … not. Вони … at school.
    5. … you an teacher? — Yes, I…
    6. … your friend a photographer? No, she … not a photographer, she … a student.
    7. … your cousins at school? — Yes, they ….
    8. … this her watch? — Yes, it ….
    9. Tony … an office-worker.
    10. We … late, sorry!
  • Make up your own sentences using verbs in Past Simple.
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