There is/There are граматичний урок

  • Read the text:
  • I have got a big and comfortable room on the first floor of our house.

    There is a big window with silk curtains in it, so my room is full of light. I spend a great deal of my time in this room: I do my homework, listen to the music, read books and chat with my friends in the Internet.

    The wallpapers are white with light green flowers. There is a poster of my favourite music band above my bed. There is also a round mirror hanging on the wall and a small table under it. In the mornings I do my hair in front of it.

    I also have a big desk with a table lamp on it. I do my homework at it and sometimes draw small pictures with colour pencils. I keep my workbooks and exercise books on the shelf above the desk. It is very convenient, as I have everything at hand while doing my homework.

    My bed is not big, but cosy. I like reading in bed before going to sleep, so I have a wall bracket lamp on the wall. I have a lot of books and there is a bookcase near my bed. I like my room very much.


    Silk — шовк
    curtains – фіранки, штори
    wallpapers — шпалери
    shelf — полиця
    convenient – зручний, відповідний
    cosy – затишний

  • Make up sentences with the new words.
  • Find sentences with “There is…” in the text and change them in plural.
  • Ask as many questions to the text as possible.
  • Translate the text and retell it.
  • [attention type=red]Remember![/attention]

    There is a book on the shelf.

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    There are some books on the shelf.

    There is/There are граматичний урок

    Принцип освіти конструкції There is / There are

  • Fill in with is or are:
  • There _____ some juice in the cup. There _____ an apple in the salad. There _____ seven balls in the box. There _____ some jam on the plate. There ______ a white chair at the door. There _____ eight chicks and a hen on the farm. There _____ a table and ten desks in the classroom. There _____ a big window to the right of the door. There _____ four rooms in our country house. _____ there four cups on the coffee table? ____ there a carpet on the wall? There _____ no parrots in the sitting room. There_____ a cat on the sofa. There_____ three little dogs in the box. There _____four hens in the house. There _____ a jar on the table. _____ there a bathroom near the bedroom? _____ there four rooms in the flat? _____ there a kitchen under your living-room? There _______ three banks in our street. There _____ a cafe behind the department store. Now there _______ a museum there. There _____ a cinema and a sports center to the left of the park. There_____two shops in Central Square. There_____ two cafes, a theatre and a cinema on our street.

    7. Fill in with There is or There are:

    _________ some sandwiches in the cupboard. _________ a chocolate on the plate. _________ some milk on the table. _________ some cornflakes in the cupboard. _________ some salt in the glass. _________ three cups of tea on the table. _______________ a cat in the kitchen. _______________two little dogs in the bathroom. _______________two mice in the living-room. _______________a block in the bedroom. _______________three turtles in the bedroom. _______________ a budgie in the yard. _______________ four mice under the cupboard. _______________four turtles under the carpet _______________ a kitten near the cupboard. _______________two dolls on the sofa. _______________ a cat under the chair.

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    8. Make up sentences. Use the correct order:

    1.the sitting-room / there’s / in / a sofa
    2. in / isn’t / the hall / there / a mirror /
    3. the bedroom / there / in / are / beds / two / ?
    4. are / bookcases / the hall / there / in / two /?
    5. a lamp / there / Is / room / your / in / ?
    6. the bedroom / a mirror / in / is / there.
    7. three chairs / are / there / the table / near.
    8. behind / a river / is / the house / there?
    9. many / there / in / toys / the bag / are?
    10. isn’t / in / a dog / there / the bedroom .
    11. plums / there / ten / in the / are / bag / .
    12. aren’t / children / there / classroom / in the / .
    13. an egg / on the / there / plate / is / ?
    14. on the / there / a / kitten / chair / is / white / .
    15. a turtle / on / there / isn’t / farm / this / .
    16. at the / two / bikes / door / are / there / ?

  • Make these interrogative sentences and negative:
  • There are many students in the classroom.
    There is some cheese on the plate.
    There are three parks in the town.

    10. Write about your own room using “There is / There are…”

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