Tag questions exercises. Вправи на розділові питання

Дана добірка вправ допоможе Вам закріпити тему розділові питання в англійській. Безліч вправ мають різний рівень складності. Перші Tag questions exercises будуть оптимальними для учнів (5 клас, 6 клас). Вправи під більш пізніми номерами вимагають знань особливих ситуацій побудови питань з хвостиком, і тому розраховані на старшокласників і студентів.

Розділові питання. Вправи для 5 – 6 класів.

5 клас

Вправа 1. Add tags to make disjunctive questions.

1. Tigers are dangerous animals.

2. They have a wonderful garden.

3. He bought an expensive TV-set.

4. You have a terrible toothache.

5. She has read an interesting book

6. We gave all possible answers.

7. I asked a foolish question

8. It will be a useful exercise.

9. His speech was boring.

A. I didn’t?

B. haven’t you?

C. aren’t they?

D. haven’t they?

E. hasn’t she?

F. didn’t we?

G. he didn’t?

H. wasn’t it?

I. won’t it?


Вправа 2. Допишіть хвостик розділового питання.

  • They won’t go to the party, ___________?
  • This house is new, ___________?
  • I’m your doctor, ___________?
  • There is much snow there, ___________?
  • There is no juice in the fridge, ___________?
  • She never comes in time, ___________?
  • They have got a new house, ___________?
  • They had many tomatoes last summer, ___________?
  • They had to buy a new desk, ___________?
  • They had no time to discuss the problem, ___________?
  • Вправа 3. You are talking to a friend. Ask him/her to agree with these statements. Use question tags.


    Smoking is bad for you.

    Smoking is bad or you, isn’t it?

  • Money isn’t everything.
  • Computers are very useful.
  • Some people watch too much TV
  • People didn’t have TV 100 years ago.
  • Life was better 100 years ago.
  • We can all make mistakes.
  • Parents shouldn’t hit their children.
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    6 клас.

    Вправа 4. Add tags to make disjunctive questions.


    You went to see the doctor, didn’t you?

  • You were playing showballs after the lessons, ___________?
  • You play snowballs every winter, ___________?
  • They were doing their homework yesterday after supper, ___________?
  • You did your homework after school, ___________?
  • They entered the classroom after the teacher, ___________?
  • She was writing a letter when you phoned, ___________?
  • Bob was playing the piano when we came, ___________?
  • Вправа 5. Допишіть хвостик розділового питання.

  • The boy wasn’t taken home, ___________?
  • Our homework was not checked by the teacher, ___________?
  • The new rules were explained to you, ___________?
  • The words were not written on the blackboard, ___________?
  • The English Channel was crossed by many swimmers, ___________?
  • The street was named after M. Bagdanovich, ___________?
  • You were born in 1982, ___________?
  • This coffee wasn’t grown in India, ___________?
  • All the children were given presents, ___________?
  • All the mistakes were noticed by the teacher, ___________?
  • Вправа 6. Допишіть хвостик розділового питання

  • There was something you wanted, ___________?
  • There was nobody in the room, ___________?
  • He has never been to Asia, ___________?
  • You have had the computer for two years, ___________?
  • They had a good time there, ___________?
  • I am a great singer, ___________?
  • They went to Alaska ten years ago, ___________?
  • They want to go to Siberia, ___________?
  • This is the Mississippi River, ___________?
  • These are your photos, ___________?
  • Вправа 7. Change the statements into disjunctive questions

    Example: He likes to read funny stories.

    He likes to read funny stories, he doesn’t?

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    He is not always patient.

    He is not always patient is he?

  • You study English.
  • They are discussing a new topic now.
  • He went for a walk in the valley an hour ago.
  • I was learning a poem when he came.
  • Maize is not grown in this part of the country.
  • You were not sure in his success.
  • They have studied at this school for 7 years.
  • We shan’t write a dictation tomorrow
  • We are given homework every day.
  • This rule was explained to us yesterday.
  • Вправа 8. You are interviewing Molly. Complete the conversation.

    You: Molly. You’ve always wanted to be an actress, haven’t you?

    Molly: Yes. I have.

    You: You started acting when you were a small child, ___________?

    (Molly: Yes. I appeared on stage for the first time when I was only four.

    You: You’re Canadian, ___________?

    Molly: Yes, I am.

    You: You were born in Toronto, ___________?

    Molly: that’s right.

    You: But you didn’t go to acting school in Canada, _____________?

    Molly: No, I studied acting in New York.

    You: You were there for two years, _____________?

    Molly: that’s right.

    You: You live in London now, ______________?

    Molly: Yes, I do.

    You: married And you’re, _________________?

    Molly: Yes, I am.

    You: Your husband isn’t Canadian, ____________________?

    Molly: No, he isn’t. He’s English.

    You: And you’ve got two children, ___________________?

    Molly: Yes, we have. A boy and a girl.

    Tag questions вправи для старшокласників і студентів.

    Вправа 9. Додайте хвостик розділового питання.

  • I’m older than she, ___________?
  • He has a sister, ___________?
  • Sally can’t speak Chinese, ___________?
  • Let me you call, ___________?
  • Tell us about yourself, ___________?
  • That was an unusual stone, ___________?
  • She hates onion, ___________?
  • Dan arrived two hours ago, ___________?
  • There weren’t many students in the hall, ___________?
  • The Greens have been invited too, ___________?
  • Don’t leave without me, ___________?
  • Let’s watch this film, ___________?
  • Nothing special happened that day, ___________?
  • Our parents are leaving for tomorrow Grodno, ___________?
  • He will you pick up at 4 o’clock, ___________?
  • This is not her car, ___________?
  • I’m not dressed so smartly as she does, ___________?
  • Everyone was shocked by his behaviour, ___________?
  • Emilie has a shower four times a week, ___________?
  • She used to fight with her brother, ___________?
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    Вправа 10. Додайте хвостик розділового питання.

  • There is enough food here for everyone, ___________?
  • Remember to turn off the cooker, ___________?
  • Our President is going to visit Vatican, ___________?
  • Nobody knows about this, ___________?
  • I’m making you feel uncomfortable, ___________?
  • Bred should be here by now, ___________?
  • If you borrow my jeans, don’t get them dirty, ___________?
  • Let’s go because it is getting dark, ___________?
  • Get me some chewing gum when you go to the shop, ___________?
  • There is not really much time left, ___________?
  • Charlie usually has a rest after lunch, ___________?
  • Everything was done perfectly, ___________?
  • They won’t be happy, ___________?
  • The Stones bought this car last year, ___________?
  • Don’t repeat what I told you, ___________?
  • She hadn’t been told about it, ___________?
  • There were a lot of cars in the street, ___________?
  • We have to work harder, ___________?
  • She needs to be there, ___________?
  • I needn’t come, ___________?
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