Ступені порівняння англійських прикметників. Вправи

Пропоную вам добірку вправ на ступені порівняння прикметників. При виникненні труднощів, проконсультуйтеся з довідковим матеріалом Degrees of Comparison.

Вправа 1. Напишіть порівняльну і чудову ступеня для таких прикметників:











































Вправа 2. Вставте відповідний прикметник в потрібній мірі.

  • A train is ___________ than a bus.
  • This text is the ___________ of all.
  • I was ill last week but today I am________
  • Park Street is _______ than Market Street.
  • This jacket is small for me. Show me a ________ one.
  • What is the __________ thing in life?
  • A crocodile is _________ than a water snake.
  • Helen is the ________ girl in our class.
  • Вправа 3. Вправа Розкрийте дужки, поставивши запропоноване прикметник в потрібній мірі.

  • Jill’s a far________ (intelligent) person than my brother.
  • Kate was the_________ (practical) of the family.
  • Greg felt __________ (bad) yesterday than the day before.
  • This wine is the ____________ (good) i’ve ever tasted.
  • Jack was the________ (tall) of the two.
  • Jack is the__________ (clever) of the three brothers.
  • If you need any ___________ (far) information, please contact our head office.
  • The sinking of Titanic is one of _____________ (famous) shipwreck stories of all time.
  • Please, send the books back without_________ (far) delay.
  • The deposits of oil in Russia are by far the __________ (rich) in the world.
  • Could you come a bit _______ (early) tomorrow?
  • I like this song _________ (well) than the previous one.
  • Which of these two performances did you enjoy ________ (much)?
  • The fire was put out _________ (quickly) than we expected.
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    Вправа 4. Вставте more або less.

  • People are______ intelligent than monkeys.
  • Summer holidays are ____ splendid than winter holidays.
  • Maths is _____ important than English.
  • Books are ______ interesting than films.
  • Writing in English is_____ difficult than speaking.
  • Parents are_______ helpful than teachers.
  • Reading is_______ useful than watching TV.
  • Food is _____ expensive than clothes.
  • Вправа 5. Порівняйте за зразком.

    Maths and English. (difficult)

    Maths is as difficult English as.

    History and Russian, (difficult)

    History is not so difficult as Ukrainian.

  • Weather in autumn and weather in summer. (pleasant)
  • A bike and a motor-bike, (comfortable)
  • A snake and a crocodile, (dangerous)
  • Shoes and coats, (expensive)
  • Holidays and week-ends, (wonderful)
  • Ann and Nell, (beautiful)
  • Вправа 6. Прочитайте речення. Виберіть один із запропонованих варіантів відповіді.

    1. Mike found himself а _______ job somewhere out of town.

    a) safer

    b) more safe

    c) more safer

    d) safest


    2. We prefer the Palm Beach though it is _______ from the center.

    a) the farther

    b) farthest

    c) the farthest

    d) furthest


    3. This detailed map is ________ the atlas.

    a) more useful as

    b) more like useful

    c) more than useful

    d) usefuller as


    4. Safari parks are ________ places of all to keep animals.

    a) better

    b) the best

    c) most better

    d) more better


    5. This computer is ________ advanced than the old model.

    a) farther

    b) far most

    c) far

    d) far more


    6. They talked about ____________ developments in agriculture.

    a) the least

    b) the latter

    c) the latest

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    d) the late


    7. The situation is_____________ now and there isn’t an easy solution.

    a) less more complicated

    b) many more complicate

    c) much more complicated

    d) farther more complicated


    8. People stay indoors during the _________ part of the day.

    a) most hottest

    b) more hotter

    c) most hotter

    d) hottest

    Вправа 7. Підкресліть правильну варіант використання ступеня прикметників old, near, far, late.

  • Let’s take a later/latest train.
  • Computers are one of the latest/last discoveries of the 20th century.
  • I’m Sorry late — I am the last/latest?
  • That’s a further/farther reason to do it.
  • This poem belongs to his latter /later works.
  • Jane is 2 years older/elder than Jack.
  • Jane is older/elder than Jack by two years.
  • My older/elder brother is 5 years older/elder than me.
  • Where is the nearest/next post office?
  • The teacher told us about the latest/last elections in this country.
  • The nearest/next house to ours is 2 miles away.
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