Спеціальні запитання вправи. Special questions exercises

Як відомо, спеціальний запитання – це запитання з питальним словом, тому, якщо Ви не впевнені у своїх знаннях, рекомендую спочатку ознайомитися з питальними словами в англійській мові та виконати вправи на вживання англійських питальних слів.

Наступні вправи на спеціальні питання допоможуть Вам закріпити знання на побудову цього типу питальних речень. Серед вправ є і простіше – вони йдуть першими, і складніше.

Спеціальні питання вправи

Вправа 1. Складіть спеціальні питання із запропонованих слів.

  • are / this / at / Why / like / looking / you / me?
  • do / to / university / What / enter / you / want?
  • Nick / his / How / does / after / disease / feel?
  • How / were / people / there / the / many / street / in?
  • are / holidays / Where / for / you / going / your?

    Вправа 2. Ask special questions to the sentences beginning with the words given in brackets.

    Example: I saw him yesterday. (where?)

    Where did you see him?

  • Some children do stupid things. (why?)
  • I am looking for my watch (what?)
  • His penfriend lives in London. (where?)
  • We met after school yesterday. (when?)
  • She ‘ ll come to the party. (with whom?)
  • English is spoken in many countries. (what countries?)
  • He was not prepared for the test. (why?)
  • They were playing a game when I came. (what game?)
  • I have made some mistakes in this exercise (how many?)
  • He has given me his old camera. (what?)
  • Вправа 3. Write questions to the sentences.

    Example i’ll change my hobby. (why)

    Why will you change your hobby?

  • They didn’t expect me when I came. (who, why)
  • You can find out the timetable of trains at the railway station (where, what)
  • They have practised the song for two days. (how long)
  • I will never scold my own children. (why)
  • Ted was lucky to join the basketball team. (who)
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    Вправа 4. Write questions to the sentences.

    Example He asked a silly question. (what)

    What question did he ask?

  • He відвідали his aunt in summer. (when
  • My father likes to travel by train. (how)
  • She has never been at a big railway station. (why)
  • We buy railway tickets at the booking-office. (where)
  • Some children go to school by bus. (by what)
  • Вправа 5. Write questions to which the following sentences are answers.

  • A lesson lasts forty minutes.
  • We had only five lessons.
  • I am reading a rule now.
  • We haven’t examinations this year.
  • The holiday will start next month.
  • I was looking out of the window at that moment.
  • There are no problem children in my class.
  • All tests are prepared by the teachers.
  • My mother came to school.
  • I was given another text.
  • Вправа 6. Write questions to the underlined words.

  • The sportsman has achieved good results.
  • Something has bitten me.
  • I can hardly do it in time.
  • There was a funny expression on her face.
  • We shall divide the cake between us.
  • The weather was nasty.
  • The rest of them stayed at home.
  • He can suggest a better plan.
  • Я сподіваюся ці special questions exercises були вам корисні. Якщо так, зверніть увагу на наступні публікації.

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