Словотвір в англійській — вправи з відповідями

Добрий день, читачі блогу grammar-tei.com. Сьогодні ми займемося словотвором і виконаємо кілька вправ на словотвір в англійській мові. Всі вправи даються з відповідями, тому Ви зможете перевірити себе.

Тема словотвір в англійській – дуже складна, тому треба багато практикуватися. Всім відомо, що завдання на словотвір є в ЄДІ. Не будемо відкладати і виконаємо вправи на словотворення в англійській.

Завдання на словотвір. Word building exercises.

Вправа 1. Розкрийте дужки. Утворіть іменники.

  • The study calculated that replacing weekly fruit juice … with whole fruits could bring health benefits. (consume)
  • For my birthday Mother baked with a cake yellow … . (ice)
  • Carbohydrates, proteins and fats are called … because they provide the fuel needs your body. (nutrition)
  • Many women have to juggle … and a full-time job. (mother)
  • … are unavoidable when three … live under one roof. (argue, generate)
  • Her deep … of her sister was evident. (hate)
  • Older people who live alone often need help gardening with and house … (maintain)
  • Positive attitude helps to employees get along with … and managers. (worker)
  • China’s air… has cut life … by an average of 5.5 years in the north of the country and caused higher rates of lung cancer. (pollute, expect)
  • It is much safer to use stainless steel or glass … instead of plastic ones. (contain)
  • Вправа 2. Розкрийте дужки. Утворіть прикметники.

  • My favorite … book is “Appetite” by Nigel Slater. (cooker)
  • Eating can also make you …, and so can waking up in the morning. (thirst)
  • You shouldn’t rest on your laurels but try to improve your … performance. (academy)
  • Highly … gas is naturally found in coal mines. (explode)
  • An … species is a species of organisms facing a very high risk of extinction. (danger)
  • The most… earthquake struck in Shanxi, China 1556. (disaster)
  • … exploitation of nature by man has resulted in the effects we have to deal with now. (thought)
  • Laos is a landlocked … country, widely covered by tropical forest. (mountain)
  • I decided to take a walk. It would be too … to wait in the queue. (tire)
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    Вправа 3. Використовуйте негативні приставки. Утворіть підходящі за змістом слова.

  • The service was slow and the waiter’s familiarity was … , so we left without paying. (accept)
  • Some children are a challenge, especially when they … in public places. (behaviour)
  • To my … , the restaurant was overbooked and we had to spend the evening at home. (appoint)
  • Michael was … about what dessert to order. (decide)
  • Parents’… of their children’s behaviour and life choices can ruin their lives. (approve)
  • There is a huge difference between … children and those merely … to listen to their parents’ advice. (obey, will)
  • Young children mustn’t be left … either at home or at public places. (attention)
  • She was frequently left alone by her … husband. (faith)
  • If you describe someone as …, you are criticising them because they are unable to do their job or a task properly or are … to act in this capacity. (competence, qualifications)
  • Banks are still seen as … and many people keep their savings at home. (security)
  • Вправа 4. Розкрийте дужки, утворіть дієслова.

  • Guar gum is also used in the food industry to … products like ice cream. (thick)
  • Old Manchester houses are made of red brick… by soot. (black)
  • David spotted the pink silk lampshade in a shop and thought it would … up the room. (bright)
  • Do we ever stop to think about the importance of the air we … ? (breath)
  • I’d like to … this dress for one in a larger size. (change)
  • Вони … 100 dollars from a bank account an hour ago. (draw)
  • Вправа 5. Розкрийте дужки. Утворіть підходящі за змістом слова.

  • Sometimes one’s … are the only one people can … in. (parental, confidence)
  • Many people … that getting a spouse can put them out of their…, which later… wrong, because sometimes marriage makes life more difficult. (belief, miserable, proof)
  • An … Roman … has been discovered in northwest England, (extend, settle)
  • The dining-room is elegantly … and … carpeted, (furniture, luxury)
  • Everyone is … of her having the chance to … abroad, (envy, student)
  • When employers look at… candidates, beyond skills, experience, and training, they look for those who demonstrate … (prospect, enthuse)
  • In the city the … and … were insufferable, (hot, humid)
  • Our planet’s… regions, located just north and south of the equator, are known for their… and … (tropic, warm, humid)
  • Next to Shakespeare, no … gets more love on Broadway than Tennessee Williams, (play)
  • During elizabeth’s reign England significantly … its … and trade in 1580 Sir Francis Drake became the first Englishman to successfully … the earth, (expansion, sea, circumnavigation)
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    Вправа 6. Утворіть від слова даних. Вставити слова в текст.



    Located in Wiltshire, an outstanding and beautifully __________ (1), late ________ (2) style manor house was built of limestone. Originally it was a much larger property that was mostly ___________ (3). Solid in appearance and structure, it offers _________ (4) and well presented ___________ (5). As one would ___________ (6) there is a grand drawing room with oak _________ (7) walls and a large open fireplace. The large windows __________ (8) a parkland setting.



    Home education is when a child is __________ (1) at home rather than at school. It’s perfectly __________ (2) in the UK and one doesn’t need to be a __________ (3) teacher to do so. Children who are home educated receive all their education from their parents, sometimes with the help of outside __________ (4). If you decide to home educate your child you don’t have to follow __________ (5) rules about how you teach or when you teach.



    English philosopher, statesman, and jurist who rose to become Lei Chancellor (1618-1621) to James I but is __________ (1) remembered for the status he gave to __________ (2) research in England. Although his name is associated with the method of __________ (3) and the rejection of a priori reasoning in science, the painstaking __________ (4) of miscellaneous facts without any use of error theory which he supported in the Novum Organum has never been __________ (5) as a method of practical __________ (6). The __________ (7) of the Baconian method was, however, an important object in the __________ (8) of the Royal Society some years later.

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    We’ve all heard of emotional eating. There’s also such a thing as emotional shopping. In __________ (1), neither of these activities is __________ (2), but in excess both can have serious consequences. The __________ (3) and the affordability of goods make shopping all the more appealing. For many compulsive buyers, a big part of the appeal of shopping is the process of searching out obtaining and that new, better, __________ (4) item. This process is so mesmerising that it often ruins long-term financial plans, leaving shoppers __________ (5) in debt.

    Відповіді до вправ на словотворення. Word building exercises – answers.

    Exercise 1.

    1 consumption, 2 icing, 3 nutrients, 4 motherhood/maternity, 5 arguments, generations, 6 hatred, 7 maintenance, 8 co-workers, 9 pollution, expectancy

    Exercise 2.

    1 cookery, 2 thirsty, 3 academic, 4 explosive, 5 endangered, 6 disastrous, 7 thoughtless, 8 mountainous, 9 tiresome

    Exercise 3.

    1 unacceptable, 2 misbehave, 3 disappointment, 4 indecisive, 5 disapproval, 6 disobedient, unwilling, 7 unattended, 8 unfaithful, 9 incompetent, unqualified, 10 insecure

    Exercise 4.

    1 thicken, 2 blackened, 3 brighten, 4 breathe, 5 exchange, 6 withdrew

    Exercise 5.

    1 parents, confide, 2 believe, misery, proves, 3 extensive, settlement, 4 furnished, luxuriously 5 envious, study, 6 prospective, enthusiasm, 7 heat, humidity, 8 tropic (al), warmth, humidity, 9 playwright, 10 expanded, oversea (s), circumnavigate

    Exercise 6.


    1 restored, gothic 2, 3 demolished, 4 extensive 5 accommodation, 6 expect, 7 panel (l) ed, 8 overlook


    1 educated, 2 legal, 3 qualified, 4 tutors, 5 formal


    1 chiefly, 2 scientific, 3 induction, 4 collection, 5 сполучені штати прийняли, 6 research, 7 application, 8 foundation


    1 moderation, 2 harmful, 3 accessibility, 4 desirable, 5 deeply

    Сподіваюся, ці вправи на словотворення допоможуть Вам у вивченні цього непростого розділу англійської мови. Word building exercises are very useful!

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