Past Simple. Вправи

Тема Past Simple вимагає ретельного відпрацювання, тому я пропоную вам велику колекцію різнопланових вправ. Ознайомитися з теоретичним матеріалом і дізнатися всі тонкощі використання даного часу ви можете вичерпної статті про Past Simple.

Вступні вправи по темі Past Simple.

Exercise 1. Доповніть відсутню інформацію.































Exercise 2. Підкресліть дієслова в Past Simple.

In the summer I visited my grandparents. We went to the forest, swam in the river, went fishing, read books, went to the cinema, watched TV all the time. I visited my friends, played football, listened to music, worked in the fields, went boating, had a good time. I picked berries and mushrooms. I lay on the sand.

Стверджувальні речення в Past Simple. Вправи.

Exercise 1. Вставте відповідний дієслово у формі Past Simple.

be (2), feed, take, start, visit, listen

The children went to London. The Tour ________at Hyde Park in the morning. The children_______the ducks and squirrels there. Then they ________photos of Trafalgar Square. The next stop __________the British Museum. They also ___________ the Tower of London. The children _______to the famous bell Big Ben. In the evening they ________ very tired.

see, find, help, be, put, catch, be

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One day the children were on the ship. The sea was quiet. Suddenly they _________the pirates’ ship. The pirates_________ the children and _______them in a dark room, but Kevin ________ Steve and Maggie. In the room the children ________ the eighth magic pearl. Kevin put the eight pearls together and saved the Shell Kingdom. Kevin’s parents _______very happy.


Exercise 2. Дівчинка Анна – нестерпний дитина. Вчорашній день не став винятком. Напишіть, що вона робила вчора.

Little Ann Is Terrible! She runs about her room. She jumps on the table. She opens the cupboards. She throws tom’s toys. She washes her dolls with water. She cries all the time.

Yesterday Ann was terrible. She ________


Exercise 3. Уявіть, що ваш дядько працює в зоопарку. Напишіть, що він робив вчора. Використовуйте наступні ідеї:

to come up to all the cages, to open them, to talk to the animals, to wash some of the animals, to give them food, to clean the cages, to bring water for the animals, to close the cages

Заперечні речення в Past Simple. Вправи.

Exercise 1. Переведіть заперечні речення в Past Simple на російську мову

  • I didn’t ride a bicycle.
  • I didn’t pick mushrooms.
  • I didn’t open a book.
  • I didn’t play any game.
  • I didn’t sit by the river.
  • I didn’t write letters.
  • I didn’t meet my friends.
  • I didn’t visit my relatives.
  • I didn’t sleep long.
  • I didn’t walk in the forest.
  • I didn’t listen to the birds.
  • I didn’t sunbathe.
  • Питальні речення в Past Simple. Вправи.

    Exercise 1. Вставте was, were, did.

    1. When________ mother’s Day last year?

    — It _______ in April.

    2. What ____ you do?

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    — We made a cake and cards for Мама.

    3. ________ Mum happy?

    — Yes, she _________.

    4. Who _______ invite you?

    — Our grandparents.

    5. What _______ you give to your granny?

    – Flowers.

    6. ________ you tired?

    — No, we weren’t.


    Exercise 2. Доповніть діалоги, сформувавши питання в Past Simple.

    Kim: What __________ (you do) last night, Lisa?

    Lisa: I went to the cinema.

    Kim: What film _____________ (you see) ?

    Lisa: Shrek.

    Kim: Who _____________ ( you go) with?

    Lisa: Pete and Zoe.

    Kim: _________ (you enjoy) it?

    Lisa: Well, the special effects were brilliant, but the story wasn’t very good.

    Kim: What time ____________ (it finish)?

    Lisa: At ten o’clock.

    Kim: What______ (you do) after the film?

    Lisa: We went for a pizza.


    Exercise 3. Нейл запитує Карен про її вихідних. Допишіть питання.

    Neil : Did you stay at home last weekend?

    Karen: No, I didn’t. I went to Brighton with my family

    Neil: ____________to Brighton on the train?

    Karen: No, we went by coach.

    Neil: ___________ swimming?

    Karen: Yes, we did. The water was very cold!

    Neil: ______________Brighton Pavilion?

    Karen: Yes, we did. It was fantastic!

    Neil: _______________souvenirs?

    Karen: Oh, yes!

    Короткі відповіді в Past Simple.

    Exercise 1. Уявіть собі, що в неділю ви ходили в гості до друга. Що ви там робили? Дайте короткі відповіді.

  • Did you knock at his door?
  • Did you stay in the house?
  • Did you talk about your holiday?
  • Did he tell you any jokes?
  • Did you have dinner with him?
  • Did you watch TV?
  • Did he show you his things?
  • Did you play any games?
  • Did you go to the yard?
  • Did you walk in the streets?
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    Перевірочні вправи по темі Past Simple.

    Exercise 1. Доповніть речення, використовуючи дієслова в дужках у формі Past Simple.

  • Last night I _________ (listen to) some CDs.
  • The car__________ (stop) the opposite house.
  • I ____________ (not watch). TV last night.
  • James ___________ (not study) Greek before his exam.
  • Peter and Ann__________ (travel). to Turkey last summer
  • Exercise 2. Прочитайте легенду озера Нароч. Вставте дієслова в Past Simple.

    The legend of Lake Naroch

    Many years ago there __________ (live) a girl called Nara. She _____ (can) sing very well and play the psaltery .She _____ (love) a young man and ________ (want) to marry him. One day she was sitting near a large beautiful lake when a rich man ________ (see) her. He _______ (like) Nara so much that he_________ (want) to marry her. As Nara________ (have) a groom (наречений) she________ (not want) _______ to marry the rich man. But the rich man_______ (be) very stubborn (впертий), and his servants ___________ (kill) Nara’s and groom __________ (take) Nara to the rich man’s palace. The girl ______ (be) so unhappy that when everybody was sleeping, she ________ (set) fire to the palace , and _______ (run) away. When the rich man________ (learn) about it, he _____ (send) his servants (слуги) after Nara. As she ___________ ( can not) run away from them, Nara ___________ (dive) into the lake and____________ (die). From that time the lake was named Lake Naroch.

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