Past Perfect Continuous вправи

Повторіть теорію Past Perfect Continuous – і ми зможемо приступити до вправ.

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Вправи на відпрацювання Past Perfect Continuous.

Вправа 1. Розкрийте дужки, поставивши дієслово в Past Perfect Continuous.

  • Sally ___________ (type) this text for 3 hours before Mark came.
  • Anthony _________ (wait) for his airplane for 3 hours when its delay was announced.
  • I saw many huge puddles. ______ it_______ (rain) hard?
  • Sam did not even realize what a hard time Molly ______ (have).
  • Rita _______ (train) for a year and she was very fit when her ex-boyfriend met her.
  • Rachel’s husband _________ (fix) the car since early morning.
  • Paul and Molly ___________ (talk) on the phone for an hour when the line broke.
  • How long ____________ you_________ (watch) TV before you decided to go to bed?
  • Steven felt tired as he __________ (sail) for several hours.
  • Zina __________ (try) to find her mother for years but she failed.

    Вправа 2. Складіть пропозиції.

  • went / Kate / it / for five years / had / for that company / working / when / been / out of business.
  • all day / Mark / to sit down / wanted / he / because / had /standing / been / at work.
  • teaching / a year / Jack / had / than / he / for / been / more / before / at the university / left for Asia.
  • long / studying / How / moved / you / been / Japanese / before / had / you / to Tokyo?
  • Вправа 3. Перекладіть на англійську.

  • Джонні виглядав втомленим, так як він пробіг велику дистанцію.
  • Хелен набрала зайву вагу, так як останнім часом вона переїдала.
  • Ліза провалила тест, так як не готувалася до нього і не відвідувала заняття.
  • Алекс був втомленим, тому що він багато вправлявся.
  • Вона довго плакала перш ніж заспокоїться.
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    Вправа 4. Дайте відповідь, використовуючи Past Perfect Continuous.


    1 … it been snowing when you left the old house? (for 4 hours)

    2 … Eton been working before he retired? (for 20 years)

    3 … Mike been living there when Janet moved in? (for a fortnight)

    4 … they been studying German before they finaly went to Berlin? (for 5 years)

    5 …the authors been working on the novel before they sent it to a publisher? (for 2 years).

    6 … Pele been playing football before he took part in that championship? (for 6 years)

    7 … the students been listening attentively to the dialog before they could understand the basic meaning? (for an hour)

    8 … the children been walking before the bad called them? (for 2 hours)

    Вправа 6. Make up sentences.

  • The old lecturer began to speak up. After a few minutes the dean came in.
  • The old lecturer __________ for a few minutes when ________________.

  • After half an hour of waiting Larry realized that he had been mistaken about the address.
  • Larry ______________________ when _____________________.

  • My father-in-law went to America in 1943. Two years later, the war ended.
  • My father-in-law ________________ when____________________.

    Невеликий тест Past Perfect Continuous та інші минулі часи.

    1. We __________ when somebody __________ at the door.

    a) were talking / was knocking

    b) had been talking / knocked

    c) were talking / knocked

    d) had been talking / had knocked

    2. Ian ____________ at the factory long when he ___________ a manager.

    a) was working / had been made

    b) had been working / was made

    c) had been working / made

    d) had worked / made

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    3. Sally _________ for two years when she ___________ the race.

    a) trained / entered

    b) was training / was entering

    c) had trained / had entered

    d) had been training / entered

    4. It ____________ and the ground _______ white.

    a) had been snowing / was

    b) was snowing / had been

    c) had snowed / was

    d) had been snowing / was being

    5. By his death, the composer _____________.

    a) had written

    b) was writing

    c) had been writing

    d) wrote

    6. Jimmy ________ out of breath because he ___________.

    a) had been / was running

    b) was / was running

    c) was / had been running

    d) had been / had been running

    Відповіді на Past Perfect Continuous Test.

    1 c, 2 b, 3 d, 4 a, 5 a, c 6

    Сподіваюся, Ви розумієте ці Past Perfect Continuous Tense вправи корисними.


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