Much Many вправи з відповідями

Пропоную Вам велику добірку вправ на much та many. Дані вправи much many для дітей підійдуть і дорослим, які роблять лише перші кроки у вивченні англійської граматики. Відповіді до much many exercises ви знайдете в коментарях до статті. Окремо є також кілька вправ на how much і how many.

Much / many вправи.

Вправа 1. Insert much or many.

  • Do you drink ________coffee?
  • I like reading. I read _________.
  • We have _______ lessons of English this year.
  • I like this new teacher very _______
  • I can’t remember _______ from this text.
  • Do you learn _______ new English words every day?
  • We haven’t got ________ bread.
  • There isn’t________ salad in the fridge.
  • She hasn’t got ________ cassettes.
  • I can’t spend ________ money on toys

    Вправа 2. Choose the appropriate answer. Much or many?

  • They have too (many/much) furniture in the room.
  • There are too (many/much) books on your desk.
  • You have too (many/much) mistakes in the test.
  • You must drink (many/much) coffee.
  • You put too (many/much) vegetables in the soup.
  • You put too (many/much) fruit in the salad.
  • Must we learn (many /much) words for today?
  • We have got (many /much) sandwiches.
  • Вправа 3. Insert much or many.

  • They don’t have ________ words to learn.
  • There isn’t ________ furniture in the room.
  • There aren’t ________ things in the wardrobe.
  • There isn’t ________ snow in the forest
  • He has got
  • I don’t take ________ money to school.
  • Do you need ________ money?
  • There are ________ new houses in the street.
  • There are not ________ shops in our street.
  • ________ people come to Moscow in summer.
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    Вправа 4. Insert much or many.

  • You can see ________ cars near the airport
  • You mustn’t eat so ________ bananas
  • You mustn’t drink so
  • He hasn’t met ________ people there.
  • He didn’t ask ________
  • He bought _______ furniture for his new flat.
  • This work won’t take ______ time.
  • We Have got _______ apples for the children?
  • I don’t like _______ salt in the salad
  • My little sister speaks _________ that’s why we call her «a chatter box».
  • Вправа 5. Find and correct mistakes if any.

  • We didn’t take many food with us.
  • There aren’t much new subjects this year.
  • I haven’t much free time today.
  • He doesn’t do much written exercises every day.
  • We don’t drink many coffee in our family.
  • There isn’t much furniture in my room
  • Wasn’t There many happiness in his face.
  • Not many new ideas were discussed.
  • We shan’t have much lessons tomorrow.
  • I won’t have much mistakes in this exercise.
  • Вправа 6. Fill in many or much.

  • Is there ________ tea in the cup? No, not ________
  • There Are ________eggs in the fridge? Yes, there are ________ eggs.
  • Is there ________ milk in the bottle? Yes, there is ________ milk.
  • There Are ________ lemons in the box? No, not ________
  • There are _________ apples on the table.
  • There _________ many sandwiches in the fridge.
  • Is there ______ coffee in the cup?
  • There is ______ jam on the plate.
  • There are ______ bananas in the bag.
  • Is there _______ bread on the table?
  • There is _______ salad on the plate.
  • There Are _______ cups on the shelf?
  • There are _______sandwiches in the bag.
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    Вправа 7. Fill much or many in the чарівна історія пусті клітинки.

  • It costs _________ money to travel round the world
  • We saw _________ interesting things in the museum.
  • Most people in town have jobs. There isn’t _________unemployment there.
  • It takes _________hard work to get a university degree.
  • There was so_________ traffic that we were delayed for an hour.
  • Have you invited _________ guests to your dinner party?
  • I don’t think there will be _________interest in tonight’s hockey match.
  • There isn’t _________news about Michael Jackson at the moment
  • Look, is there _______ sugar in our sugar-pot?
  • _______ pupils of our class are going to have higher education.
  • Вправа 8. Put in much or many before the nouns.

  • You have wasted _______ time for preparing dinner.
  • She didn’t do _______ exercises yesterday, she didn’t have _______ time.
  • She Did read this book _______ times?
  • There Are _______ flowers in front of the house? Do they need _______water?
  • There weren’t _______ people at the party last Saturday.
  • There Are _______ cars in the street?
  • We haven’t got_______ butter in the house.
  • They didn’t spend______ money
  • I haven’t got _______ time.
  • Have you got _______ friends?
  • Вправа 9. Fill in much or many before the nouns. Write if the nouns are countable or uncountable.

  • There Are ________ cars in the street?
  • How ________ days are there in a week?
  • We haven’t ________ butter in the house
  • They didn’t spend________ money.
  • I haven’t got ________time.
  • Have you got ________ friends?
  • Don’t put ________ sugar in my tea
  • We saw ________interesting things in the museum
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    How much How many exercises. Вправи How much How many.

    Вправа 10. Insert how much or how many

  • _______ money has he got?
  • _______ pupils are there in your class?
  • _______ tea do you have every day?
  • ______ honey have we got? We haven’t got _______honey.
  • _______ tea did you have yesterday?
  • _______ days are there in a week?
  • Вправа 11. What questions do they ask customers in these places?

  • a post oflice
  • a theatre
  • a flower shop
  • a bank
  • a baker’s
  • a petrol station
  • Write one question for each place. The first is done for you.


    How much

    How many










    do you want?



  • How many stamps do you want?

  • Вправа 12. Complete the questions with much or many. Then match the questions with the answers in the box.

  • How _______free time have you got?
  • How _______ languages do you speak?
  • How _______ food do you eat for lunch?
  • How _______ CDs have you got?
  • How ________ sweets do you eat every day?
  • How _______ television do you watch every day?
  • How ________ friends have you got?

  • A lot i’m always hungry then.
  • Not much! I prefer playing computer games.
  • None! I’m terrible at foreign languages.
  • Not many i’m not very interested in music
  • A lot, but not many of them live near me
  • Not much! I get a lot of homework.
  • A few, but I prefer chocolate.
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