Much and Many

  • Read the dialogue. Pay attention to Much and Many:
  • — Hi, how are you? Could you answer my questions?

    — I am fine, thank you! Yes, of course. What do you want to know?

    — OK. Do you drink much water?

    — Yes, I drink a lot of water every day.

    — And what about coffee? How much coffee do you drink?

    — I don’t drink coffee at all because I don’t like coffee. But I drink much tea.

    — How many cups of tea do you drink a day?

    — I drink about 10 cups a day. Sometimes more.

    — Oh, you really drink a lot of tea. Do you eat many vegetables? Do you like them?

    — Grass Is a vegetable?

    — I don’t know. I think it is.

    — ДОБРЕ, then, yes. I like vegetables. I eat a lot of vegetables every day. And I also eat many biscuits. I like sweets very much.

    — Do you have many brothers and sisters?

    — Yes, I do. I have 8 sisters.

    — How many brothers do you have?

    — I have only 2 brothers.

    — ДОБРЕ, thank you for your answers. Bye.

    — Be welcome! Bye.


    Water — вода

    Drink — пити

    Sometimes — іноді

    Grass — трава

  • Find English equivalents in the text:
  • Я п’ю багато води щодня. Щодо кави? Я зовсім не п’ю кави. Скільки чашок чаю ви п’єте за день? Трава — це овоч? У вас багато братів і сестер?

  • Ask questions to the sentence:
  • I eat a lot of vegetables every day.

  • Role play the dialogue.
  • [attention type=red]Remember![/attention]

    Much sugar

    Many friends

    A lot of sugar/a lot of friends

    Much and ManyMuch and Many — їх вживання в англійській

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  • Fill in with Much or Many:
    Please don’t ask me… questions. 2. How… money has he got 3. Tom never eats… bread with soup. 4. Why did he eat so… ice-cream. 5. Amy wrote us… letters from the country. 6… pupils of these don’t like to look up words in the dictionary. 7… in this task was too difficult for me. 8. He spent… time writing his composition in History. 9. There were… plates and forks on the table. 10. Thank you very…11…of my friends are preparing for their entrance exams now. 12. I don’t like… sugar in my coffee.
  • Fill in with Much, Many or A lot of:
  • Do you drink ________tea? I like reading. I read _________books. We have _______ lessons of French this year. I like this new professor very _______. I can’t remember _______ from this passage. Do you learn _______ new foreign words every day? We haven’t got ________ salt. There isn’t________ milk in the fridge. Alex hasn’t got ________ cassettes. I can’t spend ________ money on toys. There Are ________ cars in the yard? How ________ days are there in a week? We haven’t ________ bread in the house. Martha didn’t spend________ money. We haven’t got ________time. Have you got ________ cousins? Don’t put ________ sugar in my tea. They saw ________interesting things in the museum.

  • Choose the appropriate answer. Much or many?
  • They have too (many/much) furniture in the room. There are too (many/much) books on your shelf. You have too (many/much) mistakes in your dictation. You must not drink (many/much) coffee. You put too (many/much) salt in the soup. You put too (many/much) fruits in the salad. Must we learn (many /much) material for tomorrow? We have got (many /much) hamburgers.

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    8. Insert Much, Many, A lot of.

    They don’t have ________ material to learn. There is ________ furniture in the room. There aren’t ________ things in the wardrobe. There isn’t ________ snow in the forest He has got I don’t take ________ money to school. Do you need ________ money? There are ________ new houses in the street. There are ________ shops in our street. ________ people come to Moscow in summer.
    You can see ________ cars near the airport. You mustn’t eat so ________ sweets. You mustn’t drink so He hasn’t met ________ people there. He didn’t ask ________ He bought _______ furniture for his new flat. This work won’t take ______ time. We Have got _______ apples for the children? I don’t like _______ salt in the salad. My little sister speaks _________ that’s why we call her «a chatter box».
    Is there ________ tea in the cup? No, not ________ there Are ________eggs in the fridge? Yes, there are ________ eggs. Is there ________ milk in the bottle? Yes, there is ________ milk. There Are ________ lemons in the box? No, not ________. There are _________ apples on the table. There _________ many sandwiches in the fridge. Is there ______ coffee in the cup? There is ______ jam on the plate. There are ______ bananas in the bag. Is there _______ bread on the table? There is _______ salad on the plate. There Are _______ cups on the shelf? There are _______hamburgers in the box.
    It costs _________ money to travel round the world We saw _________ interesting things in the museum. Most people in town have jobs. There isn’t _________unemployment there. It takes _________hard work to get a university degree. There was so_________ traffic that we were delayed for an hour. Has he invited _________ guests to his dinner party? I don’t think there will be _________interest in tonight’s football match. There isn’t _________news about Michael Jordon at the moment. Look, is there _______ sugar in our sugar-pot? _______ pupils of our class are going to have higher education. You have wasted _______ time for preparing dinner. She didn’t do _______ exercises yesterday, she didn’t have _______ time. Did he read this book _______ times? There Are _______ flowers in front of the house? Do they need _______water? There weren’t _______ young people at the party last Saturday.

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  • Find and correct mistakes if any.
  • We didn’t take many food with us. There aren’t much new subjects this year. I haven’t much free time today. He doesn’t do much written exercises every day. We don’t drink many coffee in our family. There isn’t much furniture in my room. Wasn’t There many happiness in his face. Not many new ideas were discussed. We shan’t have much lessons tomorrow. I won’t have much mistakes in this exercise.

  • Make up 10 sentences with Much and Many.
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