Модальне дієслово can, could, be able to. 14 вправ з відповідями

Сьогодні ми попрацюємо над модальними дієсловами і, зокрема над дієсловом can. Спочатку ми розглянемо вживання can і виконаємо can вправи для дітей, а потім перейдемо до більш складних аспектів використання can і could для вираження ймовірності, а також відпрацюємо вживання конструкції be able to замість can.

Can вправи для дітей. Can exercises.

Вправа 1. Write or in can can’t.

  • I _______ draw.
  • I _______
  • My friends_______ roller-skate.
  • My granddad _______sing.
  • I_______ ride a bike.
  • My mum _______ski.
  • My dad _______skate.
  • My pet _______play football.

    Вправа 2. Answer the questions.

  • Can you roller-skate?
  • Can your mum dance tango?
  • Can your dad draw very well?
  • Can your friends play tennis?
  • Can your granny speak English?
  • Can you sing very well?
  • Вправа 3. Постарайся скласти якомога більше запитань. Три з них напиши.




    the horse

    the hare

    see that elephant?

    take those bears?

    play with these toys?




    Вправа 4. What can or can’t you do in these places? Make sentence. Use You can / You can’t

    buy flowers

    buy bread and cakes

    medicine buy

    wash your clothes

    buy meat






    Вправи на can і could.

    Пам’ятайте, could – це час, що минув від can!

    Вправа 5. Underline the correct option.

  • Can/Could Sally learn a long poem by heart when she was four?
  • When Mrs. Rover was a teenager she couldn’t/can’t play the piano.
  • John says he could/can speak French perfectly well.
  • What can/could Melody do when she was nine?
  • Yesterday Molly couldn’t/can’t borrow a book from the local library because she hadn’t returned another one.
  • Rita said she couldn’t/can’t learn that because she was busy.
  • Вправа 6. Fill in can / can’t/ could/ couldn’t.

    1) You don’t need to shout. I ______ hear you perfectly well. 2) We______ go to safari because the trip was too expensive. 3) He eats restaurants in because he ______ cook. 4) I had an aisle seat on the plane, so I ______see the landscape below. 5) When we used to live in China, I______ speak some Chinese, but now I______ say a word. 6) ______ you play the piano at the age of six? 7) He______ speak English so fast that I______understand him (now). 8) i’m afraid, Nickolas ______talk to you now. He has to arrive at school in time. 9) I______get a good mark in Literature because I didn’t know the theme. 10) I______retell my friend the whole story because I had read it.

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    Вправа 7. Put the words in the correct order to make sentences.

  • Mark / seven / by / could / speak / foreign / of / age / fifteen / languages / well / the / perfectly.
  • phone / use /mobile / a / you / when / you / were / four / Could?
  • my / girl / мама / swim / was / little / a / well / When / she / could.
  • age / the / is / three / Nobody / to / climb / trees / at / of / able.
  • Вправи на can, could і be able to.

    Вправа 8. Вставте will be able або won’t be able + to

  • When her sight is better, Melody ________ play the guitar again.
  • Max _________ eat sugar when the GP allows him.
  • The couple _________ catch the morning bus if they don’t get up much earlier.
  • Sally _________ go out to discos until she is 16.
  • Andy _________ hear better if he sits in the front row.
  • Вправа. 9

    A) can B) could D) couldn’t E) be able to C) can’t

  • Mark stepped aside so that Molly _________ go in.
  • Peter and Greg ________ catch fish as they had fish hooks.
  • Sandy used to _________ speak Norwegian well.
  • Megan ________lie comfortably as the raft was small.
  • Meredith _________ wash her hair as she hadn’t bought shampoo.
  • Mary _________ stop crying then.
  • When Megan was an infant, she_________only cry.
  • In a year, Melody will_________ speak Chinese.
  • The information _________ be true! I don’t believe Nickolas.
  • Jane ________read any of the books she ‘ d borrowed from Greg.
  • Melody’s brother__________ understand her ambitions.
  • Why don’t you ask Sally? Sally might _________ help you.
  • Benny ________walk because of sharp pain in his left foot, that’s why he got a taxi.
  • Bob wasn’t ________ make his decision yesterday.
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    Вправа 10. Вставте can, could, be able to в потрібній формі.

  • Michael __________speak now Norwegian rather fluently.
  • Michael used to _________ speak Norwegian rather fluently.
  • Nick __________marry Lisa, but he__________make her love him.
  • Used to Sally__________eat a kilo of chocolate for lunch.
  • Megan’d like to __________ surf very well.
  • Luckily Melody __________find a taxi.
  • Jillian __________drive when she was 12.
  • Megan sighed. Fred __________ feel her hands shaking.
  • The secretary ________ to type 150 words a minute.
  • Children ________ enter this territory. It’s highly dangerous!
  • Вправа 11. Translate the words in brackets. Використовуйте can або be able в потрібній формі.

  • Children (не можна) discuss such things.
  • Certainly, Nick (міг) translate that article.
  • (міг би) Nick show me that? (polite)
  • Molly (не могла) wait for us.
  • You (можете) get there in 10 хвилин.
  • The swimmer (зміг) reach the sea shore.
  • Steven (міг) work fifteen hours a day before his illness
  • Вправи на can / could + потрібна форма інфінітива.

    Вправа 12. Find the right option.

  • Seventeen people looked at each other and no one _________ words to say.
  • a) could have found b) could find
  • The wind was still blowing but Philip _____________ no sound of rain.
  • a) could have heard b) could hear
  • The police were quite sure that nobody __________ house before they got there.
  • a) could leave b) could have left
  • We ______________ anything definite out of their сусідів.
  • a) couldn’t get b) couldn’t have got
  • Вправа 13. Вставте could + потрібну форму інфінітива.

  • If Greg had prepared all the documents, he _____________ (get) a credit.
  • Greg ___________ (be) there tomorrow.
  • Greg ____________ (be) there yesterday.
  • If Molly had told us about her delay, we _________ (cancel) the meeting.
  • Yesterday Greg _________ (crash).
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    Can / could для вираження ймовірності.

    Вправа 14. Виразіть сумніву за допомогою can/could.

  • Чи Саллі була вдома.
  • Можливо, він відвідає колишню дружину, коли приїде в Сочі.
  • Хіба Ніколас міг таке сказати?
  • Хіба Катерина відмовилася їхати з тобою?
  • Василь міг би заїхати завтра.
  • Саллі не могла так швидко прочитати роман.
  • Не може бути, що Грег потрапив в аварію.
  • Відповіді до вправ.

    Exercises 1 – 4 – your own answers.

    Exercise 5.

    1 -> Could, 2 -> couldn’t, 3 -> can, 4 -> could, 5 -> couldn’t, 6 -> couldn’t

    Exercise 6.

    1 -> can, 2 -> couldn’t, 3 -> can’t 4 ->couldn’t, 5 -> could / can’t, 6 -> Could, 7 -> can / can’t, 8 -> can’t, 9 couldn’t, 10 ->could

    Exercise 8.

    1, 2, 5 -> will be able + to,

    3, 4 -> won’t be able + to,

    Exercise 9.

    1b, 2b, 3e, 4d, 5d, 6d, 7b, 8e, 9c, 10a або 10с, 11d або 11с, 12e, 13d, 14e

    Exercise 10.

    1 can, 2 be able to, 3 can / can’t, 4 be able to, 5 be able to, 6 was able to, 7 could, 8 could, 9 is able, 10 can’t

    Exercise 11.

    1 –> can’t,

    2 –> could,

    3 –> could

    4 –> couldn’t

    5 –> can

    6 –> was able to

    7 –> could

    Exercise 12.

    1b, 2b, 3b, 4b

    Exercise 13.

    Could have got / could be / could have been або could be / could have cancelled / could have crached

    Exercise 14.

  • Sally can’t або couldn’t + have been at home.
    2. He can visit his ex-wife when he comes to Sochi.
    3. Can / could Nicholas have said this?
    4. Can / could Katerina have refused to go with you?
    5. Basil could come tomorrow.
    6. Sally could not have read the novel so fast.
    7. Greg can’t have had a car accident.
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