Лексико-граматичний тест з англійської мови для 9 класу

В даному лексико-граматичному тесті для 9 класу ми торкнемося такі граматичні теми:

  • пасивний і активний заставу
  • використання артиклів
  • використання прийменників
  • порядок слів в англійському реченні

Що стосується лексики, то тест буде особливо актуальним після проходження теми ‘Професії’.

Вправа 1. Позначте правильний варіант використання видовременной форми.

1. When she returned, the house was empty because everyone ___________.

a) left b) had left c) was leaving


2. The house _______ ten years ago.

a) was built b) built c) had built


3. They just_______ from a long trip to the United States.

a) came b) had come c) have come


4. The child _______ by a dog.

a) has bitten b) has been bitten c) bit


5. We hoped the weather _______ fine.

a) would be b) will be c) is


6. The newspapers already_______

a) were brought b) have been brought c) are brought


7. If he _______, i’ll write a letter to him.

a) doesn’t phone b) won’t phone c) didn’t phone


8. This place _______ by many tourists last year.

a) відвідали b) was відвідали c) is visited


Вправа 2. Вставте потрібне слово із запропонованих.

1. I do not like _______ my homework.

a) making b) doing з) getting


2. She hasn’t _______ me anything.

a) said b) told c) spoke


3. Have I _______ any mistakes in this test?

a) done b) taken c) made


4. I think you speak English very _______ this year.

a) well b) good c) better


5. There Are _______ mistakes in my test?

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a) some b) any c) much


6. You have very _______ mistakes in this test.

a) few b) a few c) little


Вправа 3. Вставити потрібний прийменник.

1. She never listens ____ classical music.

2. He seldom agrees ____ me.

3. I addressed them ____ English.

4. They complained ____ bad transport.

5. The teacher is not satisfied ____ answer my.

6. He doesn’t live ____ this area.


Вправа 4. Складіть речення із слів.

1. blown down / have / many trees / by the wind / been.

2. I / to the party / been / invited / have.

3. before / never / him /1 / have / met.

4. not / he/ satisfied / is / his work / with.

5. eager / are not / we / it / do / to.


Вправа 5. Вставте відповідне за змістом слово в кожен з пропусків.

successful, who, programmer, famous, finished, proud, years, interested, far, such, feel, children

Mr and Mrs Patterson are very _______ of their family. daughter is a _______ engineer. She has been an engineer since she _______ college. She is married to Robert _______ is a professions musician. The Pattersons have a son. He is a computer _______. He has been _______ in computers since he was a teenager, His wife Jane is a _______ journalist. But they live _______ away. They moved to Glasgow several_______ago. Mr and Mrs Patterson _______ happy to have _______ wonderful _______.

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