Лексико-граматичний тест для 9 класу (1)

Даний тест з лексики та граматиці зачіпає такі теми.


  • часи дієслова
  • вживання інфінітива з або без to
  • вживання артикля
  • порядок слів у реченні


  • ЛЕ по темі ‘дружба’
  • ЛЕ по темі ‘якості людини’

Вправа 1. Використовуйте дієслово в потрібній часовій формі.

My friend Susan __________ (to practise) the piano now. She __________ (to practise) the piano every day after school. Her music teacher ___________ (to tell) her she _________ (to be) an excellent and I pianist ____________ (to think) that she _________ (to play the piano better than anybody else in the school. Susan ____________ (want) to be a professional pianist when she _________ (to finish) school. That’s why she ___________ (to practise) every day.



I __________ (to write) to you now because I hope that you _______ (to help) me. I ________ (to post) this letter in 5 minutes, so you _________ (to get) it in the evening. Please answer as soon as you can.

А strange thing __________ (to happen) to me yesterday. You probably __________ (to know) my friend Greg. He _________ (to move) to a new flat recently. I ____________ (to know) Greg all my life. WE ____________ (to meet) in 1997, and we ___________ (to be) friends since that time.

So he ___________ (to phone) me yesterday and ____________ (to invite) me to a party at his new place on Saturday.

I ___________ (to write) his telephone number on a piece of paper that (to lie) on the table. When I ________ (to speak) to Greg, the doorbell _________ (to ring). I __________ (to hang up) and _________ (to go) to open the door. I ____________ (not to notice) that the paper ________ (to fall) on the floor. When I __________ (to return), I could not find it. It ____________ (to disappear). So I (not to know) where he lives. Maybe you __________ (to help) me.

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Вправа 2. Використовуйте інфінітив з to або без to.

  • Can you _______? (swim)
  • Have you got anything _________? (read)
  • Could I _________ to Lucy? (speak)
  • I would like ________ again. (see)
  • I hope ________ to England in May. (go)
  • It takes a long time _________ English. (learn)
  • Let’s _________. (dance)
  • Вправа 3. Вставте артикль, де необхідно.

    When I heard ___ knock at ___ door, I went to answer it and saw ___ woman in ___ green jacket standing outside. She said she was ___ member of ____ charity organization and was collecting ___ money for ___ poor people. I asked her ___ name of ___ organization and she gave it to me. I didn’t recognize ___ name.

    She seemed ___ very pleasant person, and we talked for ___ long time. She said she liked helping ___ other people. I decided to give her some money and left ___ living room to look for my purse in ___ bedroom.

    I was out of ___ room for ___ couple of minutes. When I came back, ___woman had gone. ___ window was open. I looked out. There was no sign of ___ woman, but ___ green jacket was on ___ grass. What ___ strangething!


    Вправа 4. Знайдіть антоніми для хороших якостей з першої колонки серед поганих з другої колонки.





















    Вправа 5. Складіть речення із запропонованих слів.

  • Would/ anything/ do/ people/that/ woman/ for?
  • With/ the man/ I / was / talking / who / comes /from / Spain.
  • The/ people/ I /like /I /work/ with
  • Job/sister/my/ looking/ is/ for/ new/ a
  • The/ of/sort/person/ she’s/ talk/can/you/ anything/ about/whom/with.
  • I/for/looked/ have/you/ everywhere.
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