Лексичні і граматичні вправи для 6 класу з англійської мови

Сьогодні пропоную Вам добірку лексичних і граматичних вправ з англійської мови для 6 класу. Вправи поділені на категорії. До більшості завдань Ви знайдете відповіді в кінці матеріалу. Вправи для 6 класу підібрані з метою повторити основні правила, які повинні знати учні 6 класу.

Граматичні вправи для 6 класу.

У цьому розділі подано тренувальні завдання з граматики англійської мови для учнів 6 класу. Почнемо з повторення дієслова to be і часів.

Вправи на часи для 6 класу.

To be.

Вправа 1. Виберіть правильний варіант відповіді.

  • Can I talk to Molly, please? — She _________ (is/are) busy now.
  • What ______ (am/is/are) you painting? — I_________ (am/is/are) not painting now.
  • My friends______ (am/are) working now.
  • Where __________ (am/is/are) uncle Patrick on a holiday? — In Kenya.
  • Why___________ (am/is/are) Nickolas crying? —He’s the lost
  • Present Continuous.

    Вправа 2. Визначте речення, в яких дієслова вжиті Present Continuous.

  • Frank gets up at 6 o’clock.
  • What is auntie Pam doing now?
  • At 4 o’clock Molly is doing her tests.
  • My friend often goes hiking.
  • Sandy; s going to eat less fatty food.
  • На сайті є багато вправ на Present Continuous.

    Past Simple.

    Вправа 3. Використайте Present Perfect або Past Simple.

  • Meredith _________ (live) in Кепуа last year.
  • The rain_________ (stop) two hours ago.
  • Masha_________ (buy) a new hat.
  • The wind _________ (to blow) off the old man’s hat, and he cannot catch it.
  • We just_________ (to meet) our math teacher.
  • Sergio _________ (to go) home.
  • He _______ (to leave) the room a moment ago.
  • Fred_________ (to change) so much.
  • Anything ______ (to happen)?
  • Більше вправ на Past Simple.

    Present Perfect.

    Вправа 4. Визначте речення, в яких дієслова вжиті в Present Perfect.

  • My name is Lisa.
  • Sally has a lot of questions to ask.
  • Molly has never been to Tanzania.
  • I had a good holiday last year.
  • Have Sally and Molly ever been to North Africa?

    Вправа 5. Переведіть пропозиції на англійську мову.

  • Ти купив подарунок бабусі?
  • Мередіт ще не бачила цей фільм.
  • Я тільки що розбив вазу.
  • Вероніка тільки що повернулася з Парижа.
  • Петро вже зробив домашнє завдання.
  • Вправа 6. Задайте питання до пропозицій.

  • I’ve been to Mir. — When
  • I’ve read this book. — When
  • I’ve just come from village. — How long
  • I’ve broken a vase. — What
  • I’ve met Kate. — Where
  • Більше вправ на Present Perfect.

    Past Continuous.

    Вправа 7. Underline Past Continuous forms.

  • When I saw Nick, he was writing a letter.
  • At 2 o’clock my mother Fiona was cooking soup.
  • The father was not sleeping when little Freddie opened the door.
  • At 10 o’clock, Samantha was doing homework.
  • When the old teacher came in, the children were talking.
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    Вправа 8. Complete the sentences using Past Continuous.

  • When my mother came home, I
  • On Saturday at 9 o’clock my brother
  • When the telephone suddenly rang, we still
  • When I met my friend yesterday, he
  • From 2 till 5 o’clock yesterday I
  • Більше вправ на Past Continuous.

    Комплексні вправи на часи для 6 класу.

    Вправа 9. Виберіть правильний варіант.

  • Не_________ (is/are) going to be a teacher. He likes children.
  • We’ll go on a bicycle__________ (last/next) Sunday.
  • What_______ (am/are) you going to do after school?
  • I think I (wan’t/won’t) go to the village next summer.
  • I_________ (am/is) going to go to the mountains.
  • Вправа 10. Знайдіть у тексті 5 помилок.

    Summer is my favourite time of the year because it are vacation time. Last summer I go to my bad in Russia. We also go to Moscow. I loved staying in hotels. There is swimming pools there and I is very happy.

    Вправа 11. Вставте last night, ever, just, yet, always в потрібному місці:

  • My uncle went to Bosnia.
  • Scot has come back from America.
  • Have you been to Yemen?
  • You haven’t відвідали your granny.
  • I clean my teeth two times a day.
  • Вправа 12. Підкресліть правильну опцію.

  • Why (do, have) you bought so much sugar?
  • What foreign language (have / do) you know?
  • Where do, have) you celebrate New Year?
  • Why (do, have) you broken this toy?
  • What (do, have) you do every day?
  • Вправа 13. Choose the correct word for each conversation.

  • (Would/Do) you like a cup of tea? Yes, please. I’m very thirsty.
  • (Would/do) you like steak? No, I don’t eat meat.
  • Tom (would like/likes) something to drink. I’ll bring mineral water.
  • What is your favorite meat? (I would like/like) chicken.
  • Can I help you? Yes? (I would like/like) an ice-cream.
  • Інші вправи з граматики для 6 класу.

    Вправа 14. Множина іменників утворіть

    a wolf —

    a bison —

    a sheep —

    a tooth —

    a glass —

    an ox —

    Більше вправ на множину.

    Вправа 15. Утворіть ступені порівняння.

    short –

    bad –

    boring —

    far –

    Більше вправ на ступені порівняння.

    Питальні речення.

    Вправа 16. Put the words in the correct order to make the questions.

  • Did, happen, when the accident
  • Do, the boys, do, what, housework
  • Machines, what, you can, use
  • Does, Molly, what, do, her, room, in
  • You, do, like, film, this
  • Вправа 17. Complete the questions with the words how much, how many.

  • _________ milk would you like?
  • _________ sweets have you eaten?
  • ________cabbage do you want to buy?
  • _________ biscuits have you bought?
  • _________ eggs have you added?
  • Вправа 18. Complete the tail questions.

    Читайте також:
    Пряма і непряма мова в англійській
  • The book is very interesting,_______?
  • You haven’t seen The Lost World: Jurassic Park yet,________?
  • You can go to tomorrow granny, ________?
  • My brother thinks adventure stories are exciting, ________?
  • Kate really likes eating ice-cream, ________?
  • Вправа 19. Ask questions.

  • Greg finished repairing his bicycle yesterday. — When __________?
  • Yesterday Nelly was working at her from English 5 till 7. — How long ?
  • My sister is in the kitchen. — Where ?
  • Little Millie is brushing her teeth at the moment. — What ?
  • Aunt Pam got a postcard from her cousin two days ago. — When ?
  • Більше вправ на побудову запитань.

    Вправа 20. Fill in have to/has to, don’t / doesn’t have to, etc

  • Sandy________ buy any milk. Her sister melody has already bought it.
  • I don’t have a pencil. I________ ask for somebody a pencil.
  • Nick is studying literature. He______ read a lot of books.
  • ______ you______learn the poem by heart? No, I know it.
  • I_________ clean the blackboard. Tim has already cleaned it.
  • Лексичні вправи для 6 класу.

    Вправа 21. Співвіднесіть слова та їх переклад.







    a) небезпечний

    b) рослина

    c) за кордоном

    d) небезпека

    e) дикий







    a) хрест

    b) зручний

    c) столиця

    d) гімн

    e) населення

    Вправа 22. Fill in or when, while.

  • Fred was watching TV, ________ Pit was reading.
  • _________ mother came into the room, Anthony was sleeping.
  • Melody was crying ______ Derek first saw her.
  • Gill was cooking _______ the phone rang.
  • _________ Steven was thinking, the train left.
  • Вправа 23. Match these verbs with the words.

    1. Do

    2. Make

    3. Clean

    4. Wash

    5. Water

    a) the plants

    b) your homework

    c) the bed

    d) the dishes

    e) the house

    Вправа 24. Put these words into the most suitable column.

    Steak, cucumber, onion, ham, potatoes, apple, lemon, carrot, bacon, grapes




    Вправа 25. Put the words into the correct order to make sentences.

  • has to stay, Ann, at school, lessons, after
  • get, early, up, tomorrow, don’t, have to, I
  • the dates, have to, they, learn, by heart
  • have to, the, blackboard, clean, I
  • don’t, eat, have to, you, the soup
  • Вправа 26. Use the words to complete the sentences.

    exciting, boring, amusing, touching, horror

  • The “Titanic” is a very _________ film.
  • The film was very_________- , so I fell asleep.
  • “Car” is an__________cartoon for the whole family.
  • The “Star wars” is a very__________ film, so I couldn’t stop watching it.
  • The “Dracula” was a __________ film, so I was not asleep.
  • Відповіді.

    Exercise 1. 1 is, 2 are / am, 3 are, 4 is, is 5

    Exercise 2. 2 /3 /5

    Exercise 3.

    1 lived, 2 stopped, 3 has bought, 4 has blown, 5 have just met, 6 has gone, 7 left, 8 has changed, 9 has happened …

    Читайте також:
    Союзи в англійській мові – найважливіші правила вживання

    Exercise 4. 3 /5

    Exercise 5.

  • Have you bought a present for your Granny?
  • Meredith hasn’t seen this film, yet.
  • I’ve just the broken vase.
  • Veronica has just come from Paris.
  • Petr has already done his homework.
  • Exercise 6.

  • When you were in Mir?
  • When did you read it?
  • How long have you been in the village?
  • What have you done? or What have you broken?
  • Where have met you Kate?
  • Exercise 7. Was writing, was cooking, was not sleeping, was doing, were talking

    Exercise 8. Your own answers.

    Exercise 9. 1 is, 2 next, 3 are, 4 won’t, 5 am

    Exercise 10. it are vacation -> it is vacation, I go ->I went, also go -> also went, There is swimming -> there were swimming, I is very -> I was very

    Exercise 11.

  • My uncle went to Bosnia last night.
  • Scot has just come back from America.
  • Have you ever been to Yemen?
  • You haven’t відвідали your granny, yet.
  • I always clean my teeth two times a day.
  • Exercise 12. 1 have, 2 do, 3 do, 4 have, 5 do

    Exercise 13. 1 would, 2 do, 3 would like, 4 like, 5 would like

    Exercise 14. Wolves, bison, sheep, teeth, glasses, oxen.

    Exercise 15. 1 Shorter than the shortest, 2 worse than the worst, 3 more boring – the most boring, farther / further than the farthest/ furthest

    Exercise 16.

    When did the accident happen?

    What housework do the boys do?

    What machines can you use?

    What does Molly do in her room?

    Do you like this film?

    Exercise 17.




    1. much

    2. many

    3. much

    4. many

    5. many

    Exercise 18.

    1 isn’t it?

    2 have you?

    3 can’t you?

    4 he doesn’t?

    5 she doesn’t?

    Exercise 19.

  • When did Greg finish repairing his bicycle?
  • How long was Nelly working at her English yesterday?
  • Where is your sister?
  • What is little Millie doing? Or What is little Millie brushing?
  • When did aunt Pam get a postcard from her cousin?
  • Exercise 20. 1 doesn’t have to, 2 have to, 3 has to 4 do … have to, 5 don’t have to

    Exercise 21.

    A: Abroad – c, dangerous – a, plant – b, wild – e, danger – d.

    B: comfortable – b, population – e, cross – a, capital – c, anthem– d.

    Exercise 22. 1 while, 2 when, 3 when, 4 when, while 5

    Exercise 23. 1 – b, 2 – c, 3 –e, 4 – d, 5-a

    Exercise 24.

    Vegetable: cucumber, onion, potatoes, carrot.

    Fruit: apple, lemon, grapes

    Meat: steak, ham, bacon, grapes

    Exercise 26. 1 touching, 2 boring, 3 amusing, 4 exciting, 5 horror

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