Конструкція used to. Вправи

Вправа 1. Використовуйте правильну форму дієслова.

When I was a child…

  • I used to go/used to gone on a hike with my mum and dad every weekend.
  • I not used to visit/didn’t use to visit any faraway places.
  • I didn’t used to read/didn’t use to read fantasy.
  • We use to spent/used to spend summer in the country.
  • Children used to wear/used to wore ugly uniforms at school.
  • I used disliked /used to dislike sightseeing.
  • Children use to were/used to be friendlier.
  • Вправа 2. Перепишіть речення, використавши used to в потрібній формі.

    Example: She was a Science teacher. She isn’t now. — She used to be a Science teacher.

    1.We didn’t have a dishwasher when I was little. 2. Jim played in the team last year. He doesn’t play anymore. 3. I knew few famous people. Now many of them are my friends. 4. My bad enjoyed knitting. Now she prefers outdoor activities. 5. My skin looked pale in spring. Now i’m sun-tanned. 6. My sister doesn’t live with us anymore. She got married and moved to Paris.


    Вправа 3. Доповніть інтерв’ю наступними фразами:

    use to work, used to laugh, use to like, used to hate, used to be, used to work

    Interviewer: Where did you grow up?

    Bianka: West London. And it wasn’t such a nice place at that time. There (1) _________lots of factories around that made the place look ugly. It’s changed a lot since then.

    Interviewer: Did you go to school there?

    Bianka: No, I didn’t. My school was ten kilometres away. I had to ride a bike.

    Interviewer: What did you lessons (2) ________________?

    Читайте також:
    Сніданку в ресторані англійською - At the restaurant

    Bianka: Believe it or not, I (3) _____________ Music. I always sang too loudly and everybody (4) _______at me. My favourite lessons were Maths and PE.

    Interviewer: Did you (5) ________ after school or on holidays?

    Bianka: I did. I (6) __________ at one of the music studius in the area. Just making tea and coffee, you know. Then one day one of the studio bosses heard me singing in the kitchen and they decided to give it a try!

    Вправа 4. Складіть питання з слів.

    1. you like What use did look to?

    2. did What like you to use?

    3. do you use didn’t to What?

    4. you did to use What about dream?

    5. games to What did you play use?

    Вправа 5. Прочитайте історії людей про своє дитинство, переведіть пропозиції із used to.

    • I used to think that the orange and green tic-tacs gave you special powers. The orange ones would make you and stronger the green ones would make you faster. So I used to eat some green ones and run around my room as fast as I could, then eat the orange ones and try to pick up the sofa. I wish it were true! Chuck


    • I used to believe that butterflies could eat your nose. Kate G.


    • I used to believe that if I dug a hole big enough in sand beach, I woidd reach China and meet a China boy. Mckenzie


    • I used to believe that my stuffed animals would get lonely and sad when I was gone. I had to leave them at least in pairs so they had a friend to talk to. Jualie
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    Скільки штатів в Америці: 51 або 52? Які назви сполучених штатів?


    • I was 14 years old and my mother was talking about Veterans Day coming up. I looked at her and said, “Ya know, mom, I have never understood why they have a day to celebrate Veterinarians… I mean it’s great that they take care of animals but why is it so special to everyone?” My mom started laughing so hard I thought she was going to go rolling on the ground. When she finally could gather herself she looked at me and said, “Is that what you have thought your whole life?” and then started laughing again. Took her about 30 minutes before she would explain that I was wrong… I felt like an idiot! Nikkie

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