Ідіоми з назвами частин тіла.Вправи. Body-idioms. Exercises

Пропоную вам попрактикуватися у використанні англійських ідіом з назвами частин тіла. При виникненні труднощів проконсультуйтеся з ознайомчим матеріалом Body idioms. Після вправ ви знайдете відповіді до них.

Вправа 1.

Вставити відповідну за змістом ідіому з назвою частин тіла.

let your hair down

rub shoulders

have the backbone

get his feet wet

break my back

hammer a simple idea

scratch my back

skin him alive

his hair stand on end

put some back

  • I’m not going to ____________ with you spending every penny I earn.
  • Molly couldn’t _____________ in his head.
  • If you ______________, i’ll scratch yours.
  • Why don’t you ______________ and stop being so formal?
  • Will Dawn _________________ to tell the Molly truth?
  • To move this sofa Tim has to ____________ into his work.
  • Tom is late again and his mother will surely _____________.
  • The sight of the dead man make _____________.
  • Scott just started on this job. He has got a chance to_______________.
  • Harry’s sister used to __________ with many rock musicians.
  • Вправа 2.

    Вставити відповідну за змістом ідіому з назвою частин тіла.

    put my shoulder to the wheel

    got her back up

    stepped on Tim’s toes

    won by a neck

    kept her feet on the ground

    put his best foot

    got off on the wrong foot

    broke the back

    set foot

  • Only after we _________ of the job Kevin came to help.
  • He _____________, his rival was as good as he was.
  • Mr. Jordan was a dreamer, his wife, on the contrary, ____________________.
  • Tina ______________when she heard how much I charged for it .
  • Mary has never ___________on foreign soil.
  • He ______________ forward when he spoke with the boss.
  • If I hadn’t _______________ the company would have gone bankrupt.
  • Tom_________________: he shewed gum in class and the new teacher didn’t like it.
  • Doesn’t Mary see that she __________________ by her remarks?
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    Вправа 3.

    Вставити відповідну за змістом ідіому з назвою частин тіла.

    getting into your sister’s hair

    getting under my skin

    waiting on her son hand and foot

    breathing down his neck

    kissing the hare’s foot

    splitting hairs

  • Martin knew that were creditors ____________________.
  • If it were not for the children __________________, the voyage might be called marvelous.
  • Be quiet, Hannah, and stop _____________.
  • Go for a stroll and stop ____________________.
  • Is Wendy in? – No, she is ________________again.
  • I wonder if Kate’ll ever stop waiting on her son hand and foot.
  • Вправа 4.

    Вставте назва частини тіла в речення так, щоб утворити англійську ідіому.


    head and shoulders


    shoulder (2)


    feet (2)

  • Molly never leaves her job unfinished. She continues to work even if she is dead on her ___________.
  • Mr. Tate is _________________above his colleagues.
  • Tom’s business was on its last __________.
  • She told us unpleasant news straight from the __________.
  • Nigel did it secretly behind your _______.
  • Nora always lands on her _________.
  • We are not enemies but Greg always gives me a cold __________.
  • Nelly can’t sing. She has a frog in her _________.
  • Відповіді:

    Вправа 1.

    1. break my back, 2. hammer a simple idea, 3. scratch my back, 4. let your hair down, 5. have the backbone, 6. put some back, 7. skin him alive, 8. his hair stand on end, 9. get his feet wet, 10. rub shoulders

    Вправа 2.

    1. broke the back, 2. won by a neck, 3., kept her feet on the ground, 4. got her back up, 5. set foot, 6. put his best foot, 7. put my shoulder to the wheel, 8. got off on the wrong foot, 9. stepped on Tim’s toes

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    Вправа 3.

    1. breathing down his neck, 2. getting under my skin, 3. splitting hairs, 4. getting into your sister’s hair, 5. kissing the hare’s foot, 6. waiting on her son hand and foot.

    Вправа 4.

    1. feet, 2. head and shoulders, 3. legs, 4. shoulder, 5. back, 6. feet, 7. Shoulder, 8. throat.

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