Future Simple or be going to? Вправи

Ми вже багато говорили про структуру be going to, виконували вправи на відпрацювання, а сьогодні попрактикуємось у використанні be going to та Future Simple. В кінці списку вправ Ви знайдете відповіді для самоконтролю. Можливо, Вам також знадобиться стаття Способи вираження майбутнього часу в англійській мові.

Вправа 1. Розкрийте дужки, використовуючи Future Simple або be going to to. Choose between Future Simple and be going to to complete the conversation.

— Can I speak to Fiona, please?

— Speaking. Is that you, Pat?

— It’s me. Hi. What you ______________ (1 – do) tonight?

— I don’t know yet. I think, I _____________ (2 — read) the book Nora gave me yesterday.

— How about going to the cinema?

— Sounds good, but i’m looking after my little brother after eight, because my parents are going to their friend’s birthday party.

— Poor you. Your brother is so naughty sometimes!

— But I love him. He’s so funny! I think, he _______________ (3 — be a good clown. He says he ______________ (4 — be) a pilot, nothing else. Well, what ______________ (5 — do) you tonight?

— I don’t know either. I wanted to go somewhere nice with you, but you are baby-sitting tonight, so I __________ (6 — help) you to baby-sit, if you don’t mind.

—Of course, I don’t. Come along and we___________ (7 — have a nice cup of tea and _________ (8—play with my brother.


Вправа 2. Розкрийте дужки, використовуючи Future Simple або be going to to. Choose between Future Simple and be going to.

  • She is sure that he ___________ (not/manage) to catch the train.
  • Next year we _______________ (travel) together around Europe.
  • The athletes soon _________ (return) from the competition.
  • His parents think Jim __________ (become a doctor one day.
  • They have bought new sports shoes. They ___________ (start) running next week.
  • It’s getting dark. I ___________ (turn) on the light.
  • They __________ (be) eighteen next month.
  • Scientists for sure _________ (find) a cure for this disease.

    Вправа 3. Співвіднесіть пропозиції з правилами використання will або be going to.

  • I’m going shopping now. ОК, i’ll come with you.
  • Many people think life will be easier in the future.
  • It’s six o’clock now. It’s going to be dark soon.
  • We’re going to watch a football match tomorrow.
  • a) a general prediction about the future

    b) an instant decision

    c) a plan or intention

    d) a prediction about the future based on present evidence.


    Вправа 4. Підкресліть вірний варіант. Choose and underline the correct form of the verb.

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    Вправи з англійської мови для початківців з відповідями онлайн, відео


    A: it’s hot in here.

    В: i’m going to / i’ll open the window.

    A: Do you want tea or coffee?

    В: i’m going to / I II have coffee, please.

    A: What are you going to / will you do next weekend?

    В: I don’t know.


    A: The phone’s ringing. Shall I answer it?

    В: it’s going to / It II be Janet for me. Don’t get up.


    A: i’m going to / I ‘II see a film at two o’clock.

    В: i’m going to / I II come with you.

    4) Robots are going to / will do everything for us in the future.


    A: i’m hungry, Мама.

    B: The oven is hot now. Dinner will be / is going to be ready in twenty minutes


    Вправа 5. Розкрийте дужки, використовуючи Future Simple або be going to. Choose between Future Simple and be going to.

    Becky: What _________ (1 you do) this weekend?

    Liam: I _________ (2 help) my dad on Saturday. What about you?

    Becky: Well, I _________ (3 not help) my dad! My grandparents live in Wales. I _________ (4 visit) them.

    Liam: That sounds great! Have you got any plans for Sunday?

    Becky: I _________ (5 play) volleyball on Sunday at three o’clock. I play for a team. We’ve got some good players. I think we _________ (6 win). Would you like to come and watch?

    Liam: OK, great idea! I _________ (7 see) you at the sports centre at three.

    Helen: I _________ (8 go) to the shops this afternoon with my mum.

    Mark: Oh, really? (9 you buy) _________ a birthday present for Jackie?

    Helen: Yes, I am. I _________ (10 look) for a new skirt for her party too.

    Mark: Mmm. I’d like to go shopping. Can I come with you?

    Helen: Of course! I _________ (11 ask) my mum.


    Вправа 6. Complete the conversation. Use ‘m going to, ‘re going to ‘ll or won’t.

    A: (1) I ___________ play tennis this afternoon.

    В: Great! (2) I ___________ come with you.

    A: But you haven’t got a tennis racket.

    В: (3) I ___________ borrow my brother’s racket.

    A: And you don’t know how to play tennis.

    В: (4) I ___________ practise first.

    A: But (5) I ___________ play with Phil and after the match (6) we ___________ have lunch with his parents.

    В: Oh! Well, then (7) I ___________ come with you. (8) I ___________ do my homework.


    Вправа 7. Complete the conversation. Use the correct form of will or going to.

    Tom: (1 you watch) ____________TV tonight?

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    Ann: No. I’ve just bought some new CDs. I _______________ (2 listen) to them. What about you?

    Tom: I ___________ (3 watch) the new Brad Pitt film. It’s on at 7.30.

    Ann: Oh, really? I didn’t know about that. I think I _____________ (4 watch) it, too. I _____________ (5 listen) to my CDs tomorrow.

    Tom: let’s watch the film together. I_______________ (6 buy) some drinks and snacks.

    Ann: Oh, thanks. That’s a great idea.


    Вправа 8. Use the correct form of will or going to.

  • My friend is travelling to the airport. She ‘ll /’s going to catch a plane.
  • In the future we won’t travel by plane. We’re going to / ‘ll travel by spaceship.
  • It’s raining outside so we ‘ll / ‘re going to get wet.
  • In 2050 every person in the world will/ is going to have a mobile phone.
  • We’re going to / ‘ll discover life on other planets in the future.

    Вправа 9. Choose the correct form of will or going to.

  • My dad’s got a new job in London. We’ll / ‘re going to move there in July.
  • I’ll / i’m going to visit France next month Mum’s already bought our tickets.
  • ‘It’s hot in here!’ ‘I’ll / i’m going to open the window.’
  • They booked their summer holiday last week. They will / ‘re going to stay with their uncle.
  • ‘It’s a secret.’ ‘OK. I won’t / ‘m not going to tell anyone.’
  • ‘Would you like cola or orange juice?’ ‘I ‘ll / ‘m going to have cola, please.’

    Вправа 10. Choose the correct form of will or going to.

    Pete: What (1 you do) ______________ this weekend?

    Sara: I (2 go) _____________ to paul’s house on Saturday to watch a video. What about you?

    Pete: Well, I (3 not go) ______________ to paul’s house because it’s my mum’s birthday. But I (4 play) __________ football on Sunday morning.

    Sara: Oh really? I (5 come) ______________ and watch!

    Pete: OK. I (6 see) ____________ you there.

    Will: I think I (7 go) ___________ swimming. Do you want to come?

    Сью: I can’t. I (8 visit) ______________ my grandparents. What (9 you do) ___________ tomorrow?

    Will: I (10 see) ___________ a film with Andy and Jill. Do you want to come too?

    Сью: Yes, great! I (11 meet) _____________ you outside the cinema.


    Вправа 11. Choose the correct answer.

    1 Don t touch that dog. It’s going to bite / it’ll bite you.

    2 i’m going out for a walk now.

    – But it’s raining.

    -Oh, is it? Well, i’m going/ i’ll go out later.

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    3 Why don’t you change your hair style? You’re going to look / You ‘ll look much better.

    4 Why do you want to sell your flat?

    – I’ll move / i’m going to move to Madrid.


    Вправа 12. Зробіть речення питальними і негативними. Make the sentences into negatives and questions.

    You’ll be at home tonight.

    I’m going to see you tomorrow.

    It’ll rain tomorrow.

    She’s going to be late tonight.


    Вправа 13. Виправте помилки в пропозиціях, якщо такі є.

  • What are you going to doing in Summer?
  • Jane shall travel to Italy.
  • Ted and Bob is going to go camping.
  • My grandparents are going to visit Scotland.
  • Our teacher will swim in the sea yesterday.
  • The boy will have a lot of fun next Sunday, he will not?


    Exercise 1

    1 are you going to do, 2 will read, 3 will be, 4 will be, 5 are you going to do, 6 will help, 7 will have, 8 (will) play

    Exercise 2

    1 won’t manage, 2 are going to travel, 3 will soon return., 4 will become, 5 are going to start up 6 will turn, 7 will be, 8 will find

    Exercise 3

    1 – b, 2 — a, 3 — d, 4 – c.

    Exercise 4

    1 i’ll open / i’ll have / are you going to

    2 it’ll be

    3 i’m going to / i’ll come

    4 will do

    5 is going to be

    Exercise 5

    1 are you going to do, 2 am going to help, 3 am not going to help, 4 am going to visit. 5 am going to play, 6 will win, 7 will see, 8 am going, 9 Are you going to buy, 10 am going to look , 11 will ask

    Exercise 6

    1 ‘m going to, 2 ‘ll, 3 ‘ll, 4 ‘m going to, 5 ‘m going to, 6 ‘re going to, 7 won’t, 8 ‘ll

    Exercise 7

    1 are you going to watch, 2 am going to listen, 3 am going to watch, 4 will watch, 5 will listen, 6 will buy

    Exercise 8

    1. ‘s going to, 2 ‘ll travel, 3 ‘re going to, 4 will, 5 ‘ll

    Exercise 9

    1 ‘re going to move, 2 i’m going to, 3 i’ll, 4 ‘re going to, 5 won’t, 6 ‘ll

    Exercise 10

    1 are you going to do, 2 am going, 3 am not going, 4 am going to play, 5 i’ll come, 6 ‘ll see, 7 will go, 8 am going to visit, 9 are you going to do, 10 am going to see, 11 will meet

    Exercise 11

    1. It’ll bite, 2 i’ll go, 3 You ‘ll look, 4 i’m going to move

    Exercise 13

    1 to doing -> to do, 2 shall travel -> is going to travel, 3 is going -> are going, 4 correct, 5 yesterday -> tomorrow, 6 will not he ->he won’t.

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