Future perfect: вправи з відповідями

Сьогодні пропоную Вам відпрацювати Future Perfect. Кілька вправ з відповідями дозволять Вам згадати і закріпити дане англійське час. Можливо, Вам корисно буде повторити:

· Future Perfect: освіта і випадки вживання.

· Освіта третьої форми дієслова.

Тепер можна перейти до вправ на відпрацювання Future Perfect.

Future Perfect Exercises.

Вправа 1. Вставте дієслово в часі Future Perfect.

  • I ________ a Londoner for five and a half years by next September. (be)
  • By Tuesday Jill ________ these novels by o’henry. (finish)
  • Next year is and Fred Kate’10th s wedding anniversary. They _________ happily married for ten years. (be)
  • Molly thinks the film _________ by the time she gets to Fred’s. (to start)
  • They _________ the plans by then. (to finish)
  • Before his holiday Tom _______ all his money. (to spend)
  • The train _________ by the time the couple get to the station. (to leave)
  • I __________ dinner by then. (cook)
  • I _______my chemistry homework before Jillian comes home. (finish)
  • Fernando __________ his operation by August and should be much fitter. (have)
  • Before Lisa arrives, I _________ dinner. (finish)
  • Johnny ___________ this document by 7pm o’clock this afternoon. (translate)
  • Helen _______ this awesome doll by her daughter’s birthday. (make)
  • Steven ________ his lesson by tomorrow. (not/learn)
  • This test is so arduous, that I _________ it in a day’s time. (not/complete)
  • You __________ over half a thousand words when you finish this English book (learn).
  • The commission _________ to a definite decision in a month. (come)
  • I won’t see Molly on the 1st of August since I _________ to the South by that time. (go)

    Вправа 2. Дайте відповідь, використовуючи Future Perfect Tense та слова в дужках.

    Example: Will Jill be busy at 6pm? (finish essay)

    Читайте також:
    Як пишеться жіноче ім'я Вікторія англійською мовою

    Oh, no, Jilly will have finished her essay by that time.

  • Will the couple be at their hotel on Monday? (move to the old beach house)
  • Will be the committee discussing the project at 2 o’clock? (make a decision)
  • Will the pupils be writing their test at ten? (finish)
  • Will mіke’s niece still be a pupil next autumn? (finish school)
  • Will Greg still remember Molly in ten years? (forget)
  • Will Greg be at home on Tuesday? (leave for China)
  • Вправа 3. Складіть пропозиції в часі Future Perfect.

  • have / Jill / she / perfected / will / from / her / by the time / Japanese / comes / Tokyo.
  • promotion /Melody / have / By December / will / her / received.
  • gets home / Helen’s / cleaned / By the time / relatives / she / will / the house / have.
  • to communicate / Steven / he / learned / Will / have / well / Chinese / before / enough / flies to Beijing?
  • finishes / have / By the time / twenty / taken / Jillian’s father / that course / he / will / online tests.
  • Вправа 4. Translate into English using Future Perfect.

  • Майкл закінчить цей звіт до завтра.
  • Студенти його дороблять до третьої години по полудні.
  • До червня ми здамо сесію.
  • Будівельники побудують школу до початку вересня.
  • Я напишу заяву до того часу, як приїде секретар.
  • Поїзд піде, поки ми доберемося до станції.
  • Зоя переведе цю доповідь до понеділка.
  • До ночі Меган переведе цю довгу статтю.
  • Стівен вже поїде в Париж, коли Моллі повернеться з Конго.
  • Зора не дочитає цю ідіотську книжку до кінця року.
  • Відповіді до вправ на Future Perfect.

    Exercise 1.

    1 will have been, 2 will have finished, 3 will have been, 4 will have started, 5 will have finished, 6 will have spent, 7 will have left, 8 will have cooked, 9 will have finished, 10 will have had, 11 will have finished, 12 will have translated, 13 will have made, 14 won’t have learnt / learned, 15 won’t have completed, 16 will have learnt / learned, 17 will have come, 18 will have gone.

    Читайте також:
    10 популярних фраз, як сказати спасибі за увагу англійською

    Exercise 2.

    Possible answers:

  • Oh, no, the couple will have moved to the old beach house.
  • Oh, no, the committee will have made a decision by then.
  • Oh, no, the pupils will have finished their test by 10.
  • Oh, no, mіke’s niece will have finished school by next autumn.
  • Oh, no, Greg will have forgotten Molly.
  • Oh, no, Greg will have left for China by Tuesday.
  • Exercise 3.

    • Jill will have perfected her Japanese by the time she comes from Tokyo.
    • By December, Melody will have received her promotion.
    • By the time Helen’s relatives gets home, she will have cleaned the house.
    • Will Steven have learned Chinese well enough to communicate before he flies to Beijing?
    • By the time Jillian’s father finishes that course, he will have taken twenty online tests.

    Exercise 4.

    Possible sentences.

  • Michael will have finished this report by tomorrow.
  • The students will have finished the work by 3pm.
  • By June, we’ll have passed our exams.
  • The builders will have built a school by September.
  • I will have written an application by the time the secretary comes.
  • The train will have left before we get to the station.
  • Zoe will have translated the report by Monday.
  • By night, Megan will have translated this long article.
  • Steven will have left for Paris when Molly comes back from the Congo.
  • Zora won’t have read the stupid book by the end of the year.
  • Сподіваюся, Ви визнали корисними ці Future Perfect вправи.

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