Дієслова do та make вправи з відповідями [7 вправ]

Добрий день. У цьому матеріалі ви знайдете вправи на вживання дієслів to do і to make в англійській мові. Всього 10 вправ, збудованих від простого до складного.

Якщо під час виконання вправ у вас з’являться складності – зверніть увагу на статтю “Різниця між to do / to make“, в ній ви знайдете відповіді на всі свої питання. Також на сайті є онлайн тест “To do or to make

To do / to make – вправи.

Перед виконання вправ, вивчіть таблицю – повторіть правило.

Дієслова do та make вправи з відповідями [7 вправ]

Тепер можна приступати!

Вправа 1. Insert do or make.

1 _______ an apology

2 _______ a job

3 _______ an appointment

4 _______ bad


6_______your best

7_______a lesson

8_______a mistake


10_______a cake

11_______ noise

12_______the cooking

13_______a decision

14_______a discovery

15_______a dress

16_______an exercise

17_______your homework

18_______the housework

19_______the ironing

20_______a note

Вправа 2.

Write 10 words into each line:

MAKE: _________________________________________________________

DO: _________________________________________________________

a mess, homework, the dishes, the shopping, a mistake, money, (someone) a favor, plans, the right thing, dinner, volunteer work, noise, the bed, a (telephone) call, the research, best, sure, a living, any good, exercises

Вправа 3. Circle the right option:

  • I cannot understand. It does not make/do sense
  • Make/Do sure you don’t forget your ticket, will you?
  • He is always making/doing a fool of himself with those jokes he tells
  • Buy that car. It’s very good and cheap. You’ll do/make a real bargain
  • I’ll have to make/do my best if I want to pass this exam
  • Eat fruit. It’ll make/do you good
  • I cannot go out now. I have a lot of work to make/do.
  • It is a very good business. If you’re lucky, you’ll make/do a fortune
  • If you’re so rude to him, you’ll make/do an enemy of him
  • When are you going to make/do the shopping?
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    Вправа 4. Circle the right option. The exercise is more difficult than the previous one.

  • I can’t give you an answer. I have not made/done up my mind yet
  • What have you made/done to your hair?
  • Try not to make/do trouble in class or the teacher will you punish
  • They were angry but after talking, they made/did peace and became friends again
  • We made/did the washing-up after our guests left
  • After I had made/done the beds, I had breakfast
  • He made/did his job very well but he was very badly-paid
  • I made/did an appointment with my lawyer. I needed деякі поради.
  • Вправа 5. Do or make?

  • When you live abroad it is difficult to __________ friends if you don’t know the language.
  • «Can you ____________ me a favour?» «No, i’m busy.»
  • I’m hungry. I’m going to ____________ a sandwich.
  • I couldn’t _______________ business with him. I don’t trust him.
  • Can I use your mobile? I need to _____________ a call.
  • His company _____________ a lot of business with China.
  • I can’t come because i’ve got to ______________ the washing-up.
  • It’s snowing! Do you want to _____________a snowman?
  • Вправа 6. Insert do or make in the correct form.

  • I’ll __________ my best to pass all my exams next term.
  • It’s very difficult to _________ a decision when you aren’t sure.
  • Don’t _________ noise. The baby is sleeping!
  • Have you finished _________ your homework?
  • Can you _________ me a favor?
  • You’ll _________ a mistake if you do that.
  • I’ll _________ the shopping after work this evening.
  • Don’t _________ any coffee. We’ll have tea.
  • How many tests have you _________?
  • If you are shy, you’ll never _________ friends.
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    Вправа 7. Insert do or make in the correct form.

  • My mother is _________ me a dress for the party.
  • You can’t talk to other people in the room when you are _________ an exam.
  • Who will __________ the washing up after lunch?
  • Taking a few days’ holiday will _________ you good.
  • These photographs don’t __________ any justice to her beauty.
  • He _________ a large fortune when he was working in Australia.
  • My tooth hurts. I’ll have to _________ an appointment with my dentist.
  • That firm is not very reliable. Ми d better not _________ business with them.
  • He was sacked from school because he was always ________ trouble in class.
  • Don’t _________ such a fuss about the subject. It is not so important!
  • Відповіді до вправ.

    Exercise 1. 1 make, 2 do, 3 make, 4 do, 5 do, 6 do, 7 do, 8 make, 9 make, 10 make, 11 make, 12 do, 13 make, 14 make, 15 make, 16 do, 17 do, 18 do, 19 do, make 20

    Exercise 2.

    MAKE a mess, a mistake, money, plans, dinner, noise, the bed, a (telephone) call, sure, a living

    DO: homework, the dishes, the shopping, (someone) a favor, the right thing, volunteer work, the research, best, any good, exercises

    Exercise 3. 1 make, 2 make, 3 making, 4 make, 5 do, 6 do, 7 do, 8 make, 9 make, 10 do.

    Exercise 4. 1 made, done 2, 3 make, 4 made, 5 did, 6 made, 7 did, 8 made

    Exercise 5. 1 make, 2 do, 3 make, 4 do, 5 make, 6 does, 7 do, make 8

    Exercise 6.

  • do
  • make
  • make
  • doing
  • do
  • make
  • do
  • make
  • done
  • make
  • Exercise 7.

  • making
  • doing
  • do
  • do
  • do
  • made
  • make
  • do
  • making
  • make
  • Сподіваюся, вам сподобалися ці вправи!

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