Clever Hands. Reading Test for the 5th form

Ось ще один тест з читання для 5 класу на англійській мові з відповідями. Сподіваюся, він виявиться корисним.

Рівень: Pre – Intermediate.

Тема: школа, чесність.

Граматика: Present Simple.

Кількість слів: 280.

Reading comprehension: Clever Hands

John Bell is an English pupil. He goes to school. One day the teacher asks which of the pupils wants to make a pointer at home. Many hands go up. John Bell’s hand goes up, too. He does it not because he makes things or likes to make them. He wants to show that he is one of the best pupils in his class.

“You make the pointer,” the teacher says to John.

At home, John tries and tries, but it is all wrong. His father looks at his work and says:

“You don’t know how to do it. Look how I do it!”

In fifteen minutes, Mr. Bell gives John a good pointer. John takes the pointer to school and gives it to the teacher.

“It’s a good pointer, children,” says the teacher. “John Bell is a good boy. He has clever hands!”

One day the class needs a bіrdhouse. The children remember John and his clever hands.

“Yes, John,” the teacher says, “Your pointer is very good. Now make a bіrdhouse. You do things very well.”

However, John can’t make the bird-house, and he asks his father to make it for him. John’s father makes a very good bіrdhouse, and the teacher again says that John Bell has clever hands.

The class asks John to make things again and again. And every time Mr. Bell “helps” his boy.

One day Mr. Bell comes to a meeting in John’s class.

“John Bell makes many things for the class. He has clever hands,” says the teacher.

Mr. Bell is very sad. He does not know what to say. “That isn’t the way to help my boy,” he thinks.

Reading Comprehension Exercises.

Exercise 1. Прочитайте текст “Clever Hands” і скажіть, чому батько сумний. Why is the father sad?

Exercise 2. Перевірте, чи правильно ви зрозуміли текст. Виберіть правильну відповідь.

1. What does the teacher ask the pupils to make?

a) a box b) a pointer c) a map

2. What does John want to show to his schoolmates?

a) that he has clever hands b) that he likes to make things c) that he is the best pupil in his class

3. Who makes a very good pointer?

a) John’s father b) John’s friend c) John

4. Why is Mr. Bell sad?

a) because he makes things for his son b) because the bird-house is not good c) because John tells he makes things himself

Exercise 3. Закінчите пропозиції згідно з текстом

1. At home John

a) makes a pointer. b) tries to make a pointer. c) asks his father to make a pointer.

2. The teacher says that John

a) is not a good pupil. b) doesn’t like to make things. c) has clever hands.

3. The class asks John

a) to make things again and again. b) to help them to make things. c) to tell his father to make things.

Exercise 4. Скажіть, які пропозиції правильні (t), а які неправильні (f).

  • John does not go to school.
  • John likes to make things.
  • “It’s a good pointer, children, the teacher says.
  • John makes a bird-house.
  • Mr. Bell helps his son to make things.
  • Exercise 5. Write 5 sentences about any member of your family or your classmate, who has clever hands.

    Відповіді до вправ.

    Вправа 1 і 5: різні відповіді are possible.

    Вправа 2.

    1 b) a pointer, 2 c) that he is the best pupil in his class, 3 a) John’s father, 4 c) because John tells he makes things himself

    Вправа 3.

    1 b) tries to make a pointer, 2 c) has clever hands, 3 a) to make things again and again.

    Вправа 4.

  • F
  • F
  • T
  • F
  • T
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