Англійські свята. Лексичні вправи англійською мовою

Англійські вправи на тему свята допоможуть Вам не тільки закріпити назви свят по-англійськи, але і збагатять знання про традиції. У статті будуть вправи присвячені святкувань у цілому, далі я планую цикл вправи, присвячених конкретним свят.

Лексичні вправи по темі Свята.

Наступні вправи – holidays exercises – спрямовані на відпрацювання лексики по темі свята. Ви познайомитеся з основними поняттями, які допоможуть Вам скласти розповідь про свята англійською, а також вивчите назви свят по-англійськи.

Exercise 1. Match the beginning and the end of the holiday phrase.

  • decorate
  • celebrate
  • hang
  • paint
  • send
  • pull
  • sing i
  • invite
  • wear
  • watch
  • light
    • costumes
    • carols
    • a Christmas tree
    • crackers
    • Christmas
    • stockings
    • lamps
    • friends
    • parades
    • Christmas cards
    • pictures

    Exercise 2. Use the words in the box to complete the sentences

    Historical, remember, independence, Christmas, celebrate, religious, work, dancing, national, official, during, food, drink

    People in the United States (1) ____________ the Thanksgiving Day on the fourth Thursday in November. The fourth of July is also a (2) ____________ holiday. This is the day when Americans celebrate their (3) ____________ from Britain.

    In Britain people don’t really celebrate (4) ____________ events in this way. Here, the main holidays are (5) ____________ holidays, (6) ____________ and Easter. There are several one-day holidays (7) ____________ the year. These are (8) ____________ public holidays when people don’t go to (9) ____________. There are days when people (10) ____________ the dead or their parents. On many holidays there is usually a lot of (11) ____________ and (12) ____________, and (13) ____________ often until the early hours in the morning.

    Exercise 3. Match the names of the parties and their descriptions.

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  • a tea party
  • a garden party
  • a music party
  • a birthday party
  • a welcome party
  • a going-away party
  • a holiday party
  • a barbecue party
  • a picnic party
  • a fancy dress party
  • a going places party
  • a do-it-yourself party
  • a when I grow up party
  • a skating party
  • a pyjama party
  • a gathering at which tea is drunk
  • people enjoy listening to music
  • someone is new to your class or town
  • to show that the day is very important
  • everyone takes food to a nice place in the country
  • people come dressed as film or book characters
  • you go to the Zoo, a museum, a ball game
  • everyone does a craft project at the party
  • everyone is dressed in adult clothes
  • for those who like sport
  • children show their beautiful pajamas
  • for people who enjoy flowers / a party outside the house
  • we get presents
  • we are sorry to say good-bye to somebody
  • meat or fish is prepared over an open fire
  • Do you have any more party ideas?

    Exercise 4. Important months. Will you match the names and the dates of the holidays?

  • Our Christmas holidays are in …
  • The mother’s Day is in …
  • Our May Day holiday is in …
  • Our New Year holiday is in …
  • The Victory Day holiday is in …
  • Our Easter holidays are in …
    • March
    • January
    • May
    • April
    • January
    • May

    Exercise 5. On what holidays do people usually do the following?

  • Parents put presents in stockings or shoes and put them under the fir-tree.
  • Children make presents to their mothers.
  • Children present flowers to war veterans.
  • Children with flowers are at the entrance of their school.
  • Children present flowers to their teachers.
  • Children sing carols.
  • Children and parents decorate a Christmas tree.
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    Exercise 6. Give short answers.

  • Do you paint eggs at Easter?
  • Was Easter in May last year?
  • Did you play any jokes on April 1 st?
  • Did invite you a lot of guests to your birthday party?
  • Does your mum decorate the house for New Year?
  • Do you like watching parades on TV?
  • Is your birthday in summer?
  • Do you wear funny costumes at Halloween?
  • Do you send cards on valentine’s Day?
  • Exercise 7. Write in on, in, at.

  • I get a lot of presents ____Christmas
  • My birthday is ____ autumn.
  • We celebrate Easter ____ April.
  • School begins ____ September 1 st.
  • I’m going to have a party ____ the weekend
  • Do you play jokes ____ April fool’s Day?
  • Exercise 8. Fill in the question words.

    1._______did your mum make? — A cake.

    2 ._____ did you decorate the Christmas tree? — With ornaments.

    3 ._________do you play jokes? — On April 1st.

    4 .__________ presents did you get? — Five.

    5 .________do you celebrate New Year? — At home.

    6 ._________do you like parties? — Because they’re fun

    7.______ were you on your last birthday? — Nine.

    Exercise 9. Circle the correct sentence.

    1. A) My favourite holiday is Easter. B) My favourite holiday is easter.

    2. A) Last year Easter was in March. B) Last year Easter in March.

    3. A) What cake does your mum make? B) What cake your mum makes?

    4. A) Last year we had a party at Christmas. B) Last year we have a party at Christmas.

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